OnePlus Nord N200 5G

OnePlus Nord N200 5G

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  • Anonymous

does it support dual sim

  • Z three two

nightcrawler, 06 Aug 2021What a horrendous phone this isIt's actually very decent. At first I was sceptical but I really enjoy it once I started using it. Especially with Oxygen os it's smooth

  • Anonymous

Wish was


with this tall need 6000Mah + 30W

jtown, 02 Aug 2021Picked one up from Best Buy on sale for $200 the other day.... moreIt's a shame xiaomi phones don't support us 5g bands

Potato, 10 Aug 2021Well if it can make a phone call, send msg and email, brows... moreCorrect

  • Potato

Well if it can make a phone call, send msg and email, browse web, all good, some don't need more then that. I would still purchase this and a digital camera then a phone with a expensive camera. It's just preferance, and it's very subjective from person to person. I purchase phone based on my needs.

1080p @30 FPS, what's this, 2011?

  • nightcrawler

What a horrendous phone this is

  • Hippys

Anonymous, 29 Jun 2021I hope this phone will not replace the oppo's reno6. O... moreOppo & OnePlus are same company OnePlus is just more premium pretty sure

When review coming

Picked one up from Best Buy on sale for $200 the other day. All in all, it's ok but not great. The camera's pics are turrible. Like something from a 2010 phone. Sideloading Gcam improves the image quality to "good enough, I guess". They really should have put a lower PPI 60Hz display in the phone and moved some of that money to better cameras and camera software. And the 4 gigs of RAM is low. If you switch apps a lot, you'll find them getting closed and relaunching frequently. Also, security updates are way behind. Still on April 1st 2021. (No joke.) But, at $200, it's currently the best 5G T-Mobile phone you can get. I get 300-400mbps on 5G and the battery easily lasts me two full days.

  • Anonymous

ZeroCred, 01 Aug 2021That is fake news from Oneplus fanboy! Oneplus only giving ... morethanks you

  • ZeroCred

Gen 2, 14 Jul 2021the Pixel 6 phones will receive software updates for a tota... moreThat is fake news from Oneplus fanboy! Oneplus only giving 4 years update for flagship models like 8 Pro and 9 Pro. Nord models will only get 3 years of updates. N10 and N100 only receiving 1 version on Android (from Android 10 to 11), so the N200 is not going to be much different.

  • Anonymous

Pavel Bures, 27 Jun 2021Does it suffer from PWM flicker?No PWM. I wonder how good is contrast tho. N10 is below average in that aspect.

I own this phone, only paid $239. for it, no major disappointments except with the alleged 5G connection. Despite purchasing it directly from OnePlus and it being unlocked the phone is not compatible with Verizon 5G network, I came to find out through in person diagnosis at a Verizon Retail Outlet. I know it is T-Mobile 5G compatible so that is my only negative comment on this phone. Performance is good, battery life is great, camera is okay. So this is an entry level low cost alternative to own a OnePlus device putting them in direct competition with Motorola who has carved out a low cost alternative market with their smartphones. Overall impression of the Nord N200 5G is favorable. aesthetically pleasing, Nice large display, good call clarity, setup and configuration is a breeze and fast. OnePlus Technical support is awesome.

  • Android User

Whats wrong with Oneplus😝

  • Anonymous

This phone is pure nature.

  • Your are awesome

When is the review coming out?

  • Luis908

Clay 3030, 14 Jul 2021Bro i hope this is true i swear i buy one plus always.Yeah it's not face id found on high end phones. It's a face unlock feature which is less secure and anyone who looks like you will unlock it. Even some tablets has it

  • Luis908

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2021This phone has face id, idk why that’s not talked about. No... moreThere's no face id. There's face unlock which is less secure than face id found on high end phones.