OnePlus Nord N20 SE

OnePlus Nord N20 SE

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Klamms , 13 Nov 2023 moreBecause they are the same..

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    • Klamms
    • tZj
    • 13 Nov 2023

    How the phone looks same..?

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      • Mainak
      • vG6
      • 20 Oct 2023

      Wokenman, 19 Aug 2023The spec is laughable and embarrassing. A G35 in 2023 - a 7... moreTecno may give you a sd 695 and a 1080p OLED display at 15-16k

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        • Wokenman
        • NuU
        • 19 Aug 2023

        The spec is laughable and embarrassing. A G35 in 2023 - a 720p display in 2023 - from OnePlus. Pretty shocking - Tecno will give you a G85 and a 1080 display for the same money. They shouldn't get to use the motto "never settle" on garbage like this! Basically ambushing clueless buyers who happen to know someone that used the decent OnePlus phones so buys this because of the name - but this will destroy their reputation. I guess BBK are good with the brands they already have and are happy to milk OnePlus without worrying too much about its long term future.

          For this price the phones just terrible. You can literally get Samsung A14 for cheaper.

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            • Anonymous
            • rKL
            • 09 Jun 2023

            There is all about brand. It is a budget smartphone for normal use only not for gaming.In this smartphone 2 major positives that are big battery with 33 watt and decent camera .
            You have many other choice even of 5g smartphones at this price range.
            1. Lava blaze 5g 4gb 64gb ₹11500
   m14 5g 4gb 64gb ₹ 12500
            3. Infinix hot20 5g 4gb 64gb ₹11500

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              • Rv
              • DkD
              • 26 May 2023

              Anonymous, 18 Jan 2023Which filter better for a good pic?TO filter

                Long lasting battery life large ram Good processor the perfect combo for gaming if not 720p display😭

                  Anonymous, 03 Apr 2023No very bad processerIt's not that bad if you just use it for social media or light games tho. But I'm sure it will struggles to run a heavier games or open more than 2 apps.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • fCB
                    • 03 Apr 2023

                    kevvv, 31 Jan 2023Helio G35, a crappy processor for heavy usage.No very bad processer

                      Anonymous, 28 Jan 2023What is processerHelio G35, a crappy processor for heavy usage.

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                        • Anonymous
                        • XS2
                        • 28 Jan 2023

                        What is processer

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                          • Anonymous
                          • XW%
                          • 18 Jan 2023

                          Which filter better for a good pic?

                            This Mobile defective as
                            (1).Threre is provision for minimize the screen
                            (2)Threre is provision go back
                            (3) Multipal Fuction not possible.

                              Correct bro

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                                • Anonymous
                                • xCC
                                • 06 Oct 2022

                                They really have settled

                                  1plus, 03 Sep 2022This is a beautifull phone. Unlike the Pro models, who lo... moreyou realize its a rebranded version of oppo a77?

                                    sofman, 06 Sep 2022I doubt if this camera is a really 50Mp the chipset cant do more than 25 megapixels

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                                      • Nikki
                                      • Im3
                                      • 28 Sep 2022

                                      Zero, 25 Sep 2022This hands down is the worst phone ever released by OnePlus... moreBut have you ever tried it out in person?

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                                        • Zero
                                        • L8Z
                                        • 25 Sep 2022

                                        This hands down is the worst phone ever released by OnePlus:
                                        - eMMC 5.1
                                        - 4GB RAM with low RAM speed
                                        - Helio G35
                                        - Low quality IPS