OnePlus One will be officially available in India some day

24 July, 2014

Fans of the OnePlus One in India will no longer have to import their phone from the US in the future. If all goes according to plan, the OnePlus One will be officially coming to India.

Talking on their official forum, the company indicated their interest in catering to their fans in India, being well aware of the phone's popularity in the country. OnePlus also mentioned that India ranks at number 8 on their web traffic, higher than many of their launch countries.

While no official dates were given, the company has revealed its plans on working to get the phone in India. This means not just selling it here but having an infrastructure dedicated to aftersales service, which should understandably take some time.

So while it's good news for those in India waiting for this phone, it can take quite a while so if you have an invite you should just go ahead and import it for now instead of waiting.

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