OnePlus reveals Valentine's Day promo bundles featuring the 6T, Bullets Wireless

Peter, 31 January 2019

Valentine’s Day is in a couple of weeks and now’s a good time to buy a gift. If your loved one is a OnePlus fan, the company is offering some discounts on bundles so you can put a few more bucks towards a fancy dinner.

The You Complete Me bundle pairs a OnePlus 6T with a carbon fiber protective case and Bullets Wireless headphones. That’s €630/$628 total (saving you €20/$20).

OnePlus' Valentine's Day bundles: You Complete Me OnePlus' Valentine's Day bundles: The Perfect Pair
OnePlus' Valentine's Day bundles: You Complete Me • The Perfect Pair

If you both have a phone already, the Perfect Pair bundle offers two Bullets Wireless for €124.20/$124 (that’s €14/$14 off the retail price).

Various accessory combos are 5% off - two cases, USB-C cable + headphones, case + screen protector and so on. Hit the Source link to see them.



Reader comments

:) you old romantic, you.

Wow. All I'm gonna say is you better get ready

  • Wally

Meh, is better and more profitable ask your 25 boyfriends for a Mate 20 Porsche or iPhone XS Max 512GB, then resell all them and pay the entrance of your new house. ^^

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