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  • bJb
  • 30 Jan 2024

Suddenly one day it just started to detect heart beat without me wearing it n its on my table the whole night. It log me sleeping for 12 hours. Not once but few times over this past week. I think it might have extra feature of detecting spirit.

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    • goranjel
    • S7x
    • 27 Mar 2023

    123, 23 Dec 2022Can we connect to Samsungs Mobiles with Android 13..Yes, I'm using with Z Flip 4.

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      • JackieSteven
      • NwI
      • 26 Feb 2023

      Till today i cannot connect it to my phone and their help centre cannot assist me. Very bad CS

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        • f}Y
        • 23 Dec 2022

        HK, 19 Apr 2021NOCan we connect to Samsungs Mobiles with Android 13..

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          • Sky
          • 4A7
          • 07 Nov 2022

          Oneplus watch was great for the battery but terrible OS overall

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            • Anonymous
            • Kx3
            • 12 Aug 2022

            HUGE and unnecessary screen bezels. WHY do they waste valuable screen real estate?

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              • I1F
              • 09 Aug 2022

              Not a bad one

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                • Badshah
                • vwd
                • 06 May 2022

                It is really amezing watch. It takes only 20 mins from 13% to 100% through my OP7t's 30T charger and 27 mins through MI 20000 amp powerbank. Dispaly is very very good. calling quality is also very good. 2GB memory is usable, but it is too little, atleast 32 GB is expected. Very good value for money and it gives a premium feel. Grey band is very very attractive.
                1. Superb Display & Touch.
                2. Premium Feel.
                3. Good speaker quality.
                4. Very Good bluetooth connectivity.
                5. Vibration & ringing volumne is quite acceptable.
                6. Other features are al ok till date.
                7. Battery stamina is very good. 13 days for me after purchasing from amazon.

                1. 2GB usable memory is not sufficient, but it is OK for normal user like me.
                2. Lack of WIFI, NFC.
                3. virtual SIM facility not installed in it.

                It is very good premium watch for all kind of users and quite acceptable also. Oneplus has maintained its premiumness within this watch.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • bJb
                  • 01 Apr 2022

                  Warp charging, 21 Mar 2022It took bout 2hrs ++ to completely charge using mi 18watt c... moreManage to get fast charging after using a fix 5v/2A charging brick. 😎

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                    • Warp charging
                    • bJb
                    • 21 Mar 2022

                    It took bout 2hrs ++ to completely charge using mi 18watt charging bricks.the watch is on b70 latest firmware. Any other things works fine. Anyone have any idea if it need to be always a 5v * x Amp charging brick that will kicks in the warp charging?

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                      • Lucas addon
                      • bJb
                      • 12 Mar 2022

                      Lucas, 12 Mar 2022Nice watch. Work like a charm. Setup is simple,but the mult... moreIf u are tie to strava then it will be a big no no. As of now there are no way to sync your workout and not sure will if it will ever happen in near future update.

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                        • Lucas
                        • bJb
                        • 12 Mar 2022

                        Nice watch. Work like a charm. Setup is simple,but the multiple update might easily takes 1.5 hours. Nice screen with not many watch faces but have some elegant one for everyone's like. Would recommend of u look for something nice looking, long lasting smartwatch that do everything except install app. You should not regret it for it's price...I got mine for usd100.

                          OnePlus Watch is a great name. If people ask for model, you just say "Watch".

                            Kostas, 20 Apr 2021Amazing Design...but no NFC...disappointment..You cand use smartphone to pay with NFC.

                              Hello. Is a really excelent smart watch. I recomanted this watch. Is not expensive. The strap from Huawei GT is compatible with this OnePlus Watch. I don't have problems. Is high quality.

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                                • Ram
                                • 3h%
                                • 22 Sep 2021

                                Anonymous, 17 Apr 2021Can we connect this watch to iPhone 11Only supporting on Android

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                                  • Khushal
                                  • KAY
                                  • 28 Jul 2021

                                  Many smart watches are coming...oppo smart watch has cellular and gps tracking also so why not one plus has cellular and gps tracking I request to the owner of the one plus community to put some more efforts and give us a watch with E sim and gps and Google assistant and also like apples features for the better future smart watches
                                  Thanking you,
                                  Yours one plus customer!

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                                    • mE0
                                    • 19 Jun 2021

                                    B-Rye, 12 Apr 2021Been using the gear S3 frontier for years now, and it has d... moreIt is a terrible watch overall (saying having owned it ) I would still easily reccomend the much older Huawei gt2 over this it's that bad

                                      Sidhant, 12 Apr 2021Omg no nfc and lack of space Its means this watch live i... moreNo, 1GB of RAM is enough as it just runs their in-house OS, if it was using WearOS I would agree with you.

                                        Been using a Huawei Watch GT2 for about a year and a half now, this is basically a carbon copy of that watch, and after ditching my Huawei P20 for the OnePlus 9 Pro, I will not be wasting my money on this carbon copy, of it had WearOS it might've been a different story. Sure the buttons are different and the OS has a different look but fundamentally they are the same.