OnePlus will hold its next Open Ears community event in India next month

Ivan, 07 June 2018

OnePlus will hold its next Open Ears community event in India on July 7.

if you're not familiar with Open Ears - it's an event at which OnePlus meets with select users and fans to discuss specific topics related to OnePlus' services and products.

The India-based Open Ears will focus on Products and OnePlus will hand pick 30 people to participate in the event - all expenses paid.

Registration for the Open Ears event is open until June 12.

OnePlus prides itself on being a community-driven company. It held previous Open Ears events in Hamburg and London, getting feedback from its community members about its customer service and the cameras used in OnePlus phones.

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Reader comments

  • SubmarineWipers

STOP USING PENTILE subpixel matrix. Or raise resolution to QHD. Pentile means effectively 1/3 less resolution, and when on FullHD, also jaggy text and lines, compared to IPS panels. No thanks.

  • Ani

Wish they make a smaller device with same audio and camera quality but with avg ram and bit slower processors and sell it at lower prices. Current OnePlus phones are so expensive as well as much bigger to be used by one hand.

Me! I hope they will be available here in my country. I mean, official stores and customer services.

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