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  • 7k4
  • 11 Jul 2023

My kid use it for YouTube Kids. Good Display and quote fast yet

    Edgar, 20 May 2023The og “iPhone SE” before the SETo me, it was like the iPhone 4S and Sony Xperia had a baby.

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      • Edgar
      • Ht5
      • 20 May 2023

      The og “iPhone SE” before the SE

        Well after 7/8 years on, my old OnePlus X (which I passed down to my mum), has just gotten screen burn in.

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          • Choni
          • D09
          • 22 Oct 2022

          I was the first customer to buy this model in Hyderabad...pretty impressive design and just loved it..use to feel like touching a new born kid feet while holding the mobile in hand..still hold this model in my a mobile...miss it

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            • CMN
            • 28 Apr 2022

            geko95gek-XDA, 27 Jan 2022I still have my OnePlus X, dont think I will ever get rid of it. Time will tell Technology runs fast

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              • Minu
              • ter
              • 11 Mar 2022

              NeonHD, 15 Feb 2022Same. Sick and tired of the same "bezel-less" des... moreHappy to see someone who dislikes modern phone designs too. I like Meizu's designs as well, but still they feel a bit generic. The 16s looks interesting with that tiny bezels. Nokia has beautiful designs too but they seem to follow generic designs in their future phones. Sonys seem to be good but they're quite tall for my liking.

              I don't think I'd upgrade from my Nokia 8. Not a single manufacturer seems to use 16:9 displays and there's no meaningful upgrade from the Nokia 8 to use a 16:9 display except the XZ2 Premium and Razer Phone 2, which are very rare finds and quite expensive.

                Minu, 20 Nov 2020Better if they used a 16:9 display and tiny bezels. Sick of... moreSame. Sick and tired of the same "bezel-less" design with punch hole. Waiting for that day when all phones adopt an under display camera, but even then the design still looks ad nauseam (with the unnaturally curved corners, protruding bottom chin, ungracefully large rectangular camera bump, etc.).

                I think OEMs should go back to the drawing board and reconsider the design of smartphones.

                Personally I consider the Meizu 16s to be the ideal modern smartphone design. It's able to achieve a very bezel-less design while still keeping top/bottom bezels with a camera. No hole needed.

                  I still have my OnePlus X, dont think I will ever get rid of it.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 3SI
                    • 08 Jan 2022

                    trader, 14 Apr 2020I hope they revived this and do what Apple did with their I... moreThat’s a great idea

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                      • Kumar
                      • Dk$
                      • 31 Dec 2021

                      Xlent OLED display.

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                        • Bring back OPX
                        • XPI
                        • 10 Nov 2021

                        Such a decent phone with handy screen size.. And stable performance.. Bring back this smartphone, One plus

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                          • Santosh
                          • XNa
                          • 17 Aug 2021

                          Though this is 6 years old phone, this has fantastic build quality, it still can compete with the newer phones. Perfect form factor, stable performance in every respect, decent camera.
                          The only thing it is lacking for now is internal storage which is 16 GB! where you cannot install many apps.

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                            • vIs
                            • 27 Jul 2021

                            alaa khalifa, 11 May 2021Hello, How are you? I wish all is good. It looks so n... moreyes whatsapp is supported on this

                              alaa khalifa, 11 May 2021Hello, How are you? I wish all is good. It looks so n... moreThey stopped making this phone years ago. The only way you will get this is 2nd hand.

                                PHRESH, 22 May 2021A huge ram,low version,low batteryThe phone was released 6 years ago, what do you expect?

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                                  • PHRESH
                                  • XBA
                                  • 22 May 2021

                                  A huge ram,low version,low battery


                                    How are you? I wish all is good.

                                    It looks so nice mobile. I searched but I could not find it. Where can I find it please?

                                    Is WhatsApp supported on this mobile now a days or not?

                                    Thank you very much for all your help.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • tA$
                                      • 25 Apr 2021

                                      NeonHD, 01 Aug 2020Ahhh yes, the forgotten OnePlus phone. Nobody will remember... moreSooo true...

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • tA$
                                        • 25 Apr 2021

                                        Afsal, 08 Oct 2020Lol nord has fluid amoled displayWtf is Nord $250, you should read more bruhh...