Opera becomes the first proper third-party browser for Chromebooks

Prasad, 01 July 2021

Opera has announced that it will be the first alternative browser optimized for use on Chromebooks.

Opera for Chromebooks comes with all the usual features that you would find in Opera on other platforms, including a built-in unlimited VPN, ad blocker, cookie dialog blocker, built-in messengers, crypto wallet, and themes.

Opera becomes the first proper third-party browser for Chromebooks

The version of Opera for Chromebooks is based on the Android version of the app. However, unlike other browsers like Firefox that are also available on Chromebooks in their mobile form, Opera has been optimized to work properly within the desktop environment of Chromebooks, meaning proper support for trackpad and keyboard shortcuts. This should ensure that it feels like you are using a desktop browser and not a mobile browser on desktop.

Opera for Chromebooks is available to download for free on the Google Play Store.



Reader comments

Using Opera is dumb. I would never use it for something serious anymore. I used to like it a lot a long time ago when I was using a Blackberry and I was like 11 years old but using Opera is very risky these days if you care about privacy and not havi...

  • Swagg
  • 02 Jul 2021
  • 3sv

I can think of a better desktop browser. On laptop look a bit overwhelming , but with +24'' monitor bests everything !

  • Saikat
  • 02 Jul 2021
  • u7Y

For Firefox, you can install the Linux version.

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