Opera gets native ad-blocker in latest version

Prasad, 05 May, 2016

Opera has released version 37 of its desktop and mobile browser and it now includes a native ad-blocker.

Now, with a flick of a switch from the settings, you can block all ads within the browser without having to download any extension. Opera claims that since you are not using any extension, the browser uses less memory compared to other browsers. Also, Opera blocks ads using native code and at the engine level for efficient, fast page loading.

Opera recently added native VPN functionality in the developer channel of the browser. This feature is not yet available in the stable release, but once it is, with the addition of the adblocker, it will reduce two of the most popular extensions that people usually install on their browsers, and more people would consider switching over to Opera.

Lastly, Opera also added a pop-up video feature, that lets you pop out the video from any website and have it playing in a small window on your desktop while you navigate to other tabs on the browser. The video keeps playing as long as the tab it originated from stays open in the background.



Reader comments

I haven't really used Opera since it started to use Chromium engine but it looks like that now it's worth a try.

  • Anonymous

Then bye bye youtube. No more effeminate men squeeling "omg, omg" whilst playing GTA 5. I'm sure I can live without.

  • AnonD-531063

No AD blocking is not justified it almost never is since when you use AD block it's not youtube that suffers but the content creators think a little bit about your favourite Youtuber's how will they be able to produce content if they don't get paid f...