Opera Max celebrates 50 million Android users with VIP mode

Yordan, 23 December 2016

Opera announced that their data-saving app Opera Max reached 50 million active users. Along with that it updated the app which now has VIP mode for unlimited data savings and privacy.

Opera was always aiming to compress the web. With their Opera Max free VPN application you are able to lower your data usage when browsing and streaming audio and video. The only requirement is to tap a button every 12 hours to lengthen you data-saving experience. When tapped, the app shows various ads which are the main income for the data-compressing servers of the Norwegian software company.

Opera Max screenshot with enabled VIP mode

The new update added VIP mode which gives users unlimited data savings. If you decide to go for it, beware, because now ads are on your lock screen while charging even if the app is not running.

Ironically, blocking background apps was one of the good features that Opera Max had but apparently now they are doing exactly the same. For revenue of course.

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  • Anonymous

So you got no problem US spying on you, but have problem when chinese does huh?

  • Haha

wow, but still like previous opera software version.

  • LOL

Good luck