Opera Mini updated

03 May, 2006

Today in Oslo, Norway, Opera Software announced their new web browser for mobile phone, Opera Mini 2.0.

The new web browser allows users who don't have smartphones to browse the Internet as seamlessly as they do on their PC. The new features in Opera Mini 2.0 are: the ability do download content from the Internet as images, MP3s etc.; the Browser-to-SMS technology, which allows users to buy ringtones, games and other stuff directly while browsing the seller site. The content will be received as SMS and will be charged with the price the seller has set like SMS. Another new feature is the multisearch option allowing the users to set other search engines as home pages. Bookmarks can also be assigned key shortcuts, similar to the Speed dial feature in mobile phones.

Opera Mini 2.0 can be customized visually using several new skins. Opera Mini is available in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish. More languages will be available shortly.

You can download for free the new Opera Mini 2.0 browser directly through you phone via WAP on this address

You can also try the online demo of the mobile browser.

Reader comments

  • Kalp

Comment opera any news

  • abi

i cant download from operamini , first time is worked then i can't save the images,mp3,video.and etc.... Pls what is the reason

  • hannabel

can anybody help with the opera mini on my phone, nokia 3500c. pls you can mail me to dancingmoon100@yahoo.com