Opera Neon is a nice alternative for a work browser

Yordan, 12 January 2017

Opera has always been trying to diversify the browser market. It showed how to save data and still use web properly with Opera Max for Android and now it's trying to reimagine the work browser on desktop with Opera Neon.

When it becomes crucial to have a secondary screen so you donít mix personal and work tabs, conversations and job tasks. But Opera Neon actually has a better solution - it positions two webpages on the same screen and you can choose which is the main one.

It works relatively easy - just drag a page and create a split view. Weíve already seen such feature in Windows or the multi-window modes of various mobile devices.

Also, Neon acknowledges that you listen to music online and has a dedicated button in the sidebar. We tested it and it doesnít work with Spotifyís web player but if you are fan of Soundcloud, go for it. It also works fine with YouTube, which is also a popular choice for streaming music.

Thereís also a button for quick snaps which is quite useful - no more third-party add-ons.

All these features arenít really revolutionary but this is the first time we see them in one browser. So give it a try and see for yourself how it clicks with the way you browse on desktop.



Reader comments

  • Ar7B4 PL

You can add anything you want to the speed dial. Just drag opened and minimized round (bubble tab on the right side) to your speed dial.

  • AngryLithuanian

Because it's Opera. I always wanted a fast and smooth browser with Opera like functionality for my old laptop. They already done great job with current Opera browser so I wasn't expecting any less. Neon works faster so I got excited. But yeah, it's i...

  • Anonymous

Why were you expecting much from something new?