Opera's free VPN is now available on desktop as well

Victor, 20 September 2016

Opera might be past its glory days, bathing in a sea of user love, but that doesn't mean its past its prime. The company is still working hard on innovations in the browser realm and now has yet another intriguing feature to offer its loyal fans and hopefully some new ones as well.

The latest stable release of Opera on desktop now comes with a built-in free VPN. This is the very same service that first made its way to the development branch a few months back and was later offered to mobile users as well. It still comes absolutely free of charge, powered by SurfEasy - an Opera subsidiary.

It currently has servers in five locations: Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore and the United States. You can simply open up the latest Opera release, enable VPN and choose where to bounce you connection through. The VPN also comes with 256-bit AES encryption and Opera says it won't be keeping logs of your activity of any sort.

But having a free and secure tunnel for you online traffic also holds another benefit that many casual users are actually likely to enjoy even more. Since traffic is routed through one of the aforementioned locations, you could, theoretically, use the service to circumvent regional restrictions on certain websites. Opera also says the VPN should be quick enough to handle HD video, but that still depends on numerous other variables and your millage may vary.

You can get the latest Opera installer at the source link below and try out the free VPN. Who knows, one of the browser's other interesting features, like the built-in ad blocker or laptop battery saver feature might just get you hooked for good.



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  • Jean

its so helpful content thanks for sharring.... Opera Browser

  • Mega Greymon

Can you browser for free and how? Will it work? provided steps to do please!!! Can I use my Mifi or mobile data?

  • AnonD-343972

The only thing I was waiting for... "automatic save battery mode" when unplugged. I tested Opera MAX on my phone... which is basically still a VPN to save your data on hogging streams and it just doens't work speedily enough. I don't know what kind o...