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when Oppo A12 will get Android 10 or Android 11?

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone after 2-3 month I feel it it is over price comparative the market and phone is of average specification

  • PhoneX

Oppo is overpriced, 15 Jul 2020In indonesian this phone toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo over... moreMost of the Oppo phones are overpriced

  • Anonymous

I bought an oppo A12 and within six days of observing the OppoA12 it heats up faster than a normal phone and even if it is charged it also heats up even if I don't use it. it's a waste of money. it's scary to use such a phone so we want replacement but the only thing that they told us is that oppo A12 is really like that... what the! such a product is scary for consumers.

  • Sam

After the recent updates the phone has become slow also the camera is pretty average.

  • Nani

Waste piece speaker problem, display problems really ifaced, purchase of with in one week

  • dipa

In general "waste of your money". I can get better phone at this price. It doesn't provide any value for money. Medicore processor. Medicore camera. Display is below average.

  • Anonymous

lemon, 27 Jul 2020totally average quality phone and front cemera full wastage... moreTrue that's why I'm not taking a photos 🙄

  • Anonymous

I thought the camera was nice of this oppo A12 because its have a high unit than others but I'm a little bit dissapointed when I used it. Oppo A5s is much pretty good than this. But All in all it nice tho! I suggest in the next update system the camera will be the priority. Thank you!!

  • Anonymous

Oppo 12 is average good smartphone in the price range. It's configuration is likeable as a entry level phon. But it has two limitation which is disadvantage of the phone.
If only ten watt first charging technology and eight mega Pixel camera will be add this phone then it will be better competitor in the market. I think at this moment at Least 10 watt first charging technology should have every phone, cause 5000 ampere Battery is using in almost smartphone as well as finger print sensor must. Now 3gb ram and 32 rom is not sufficient, cause apps mb size is enhance day by day. As like Facebook and messenger consume most of the ram and rom. So all smartphone company should thinking about this matter.

  • Aadi

anonymous, 19 Aug 2020my only problem with this oppo a12 is whenever im sending a... moreSuch problems are rare, so if possible go to near by oppo service center or oppo store. They can help you better with such rear situation.

  • anonymous

my only problem with this oppo a12 is whenever im sending a recorded video from oppo a12 to my husband through messenger it doesnt play and when im posting on my story(mesenger), it's always failed(if i add some gif), but it doesnt fail if i only post the photo itself that ive never experienced with my samsung phone before.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Jul 2020after 5 days of using this phone i see in the bottom of t... moreYou might have switched on the reading mode

  • Anonymous

can i play a game with mod on oppo A12

  • Abuzar

I have purchased oppo A12 3 gb ram but not played games, does it support and have no problem kindly guide please

  • Anonymous

after 5 days of using this phone
i see in the bottom of the phone some yellow i dont know whats that wht happen to my screen

  • lemon

totally average quality phone and front cemera full wastage. its difficult to capture good photo through front cemera even in good light condition

  • Anonymous

its amaziiiing i love it
i recommand for any one us just social media not gaming love it and amazing baattery life

  • Oppo is overpriced

Sam, 08 Jul 2020Got this for my wife after that piece of shit Redmi note 8 ... moreIn indonesian this phone toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo overpriced

  • Anonymous

nice budget phone