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Oppo A12s

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  • Anonymous

HaykN, 14 Jul 2020Bruh 2 camera in 2020.Best way to recognise a bad camera phone is seeing 3-5 cameras on it.

Main camera is the only camera that actually does the work.
- Depth camera are only used for Edge Detection in Portrait.
- Macro camera are useless in every sense.
- Ultra wide camera quality is extremely bad even in phones that cost double of this phone.

All these "extra cameras" are added by using a "poor main camera" to attract gullible people like you, in 2020.

This phone has most features in this price as far as my country is concerned.

  • Anonymous

Is this phone same as Oppo A11k?

"If it supports Gcam", it's a good option to consider in 18k in Pakistan. Because it has:
- Gyro sensor, which is needed to run most VR apps/games & very few phones have it in this price.

- Helio P35, which is among top chipsets in this price.
Only chipset better than it is Helio G35, which is almost the same & Helio G70 of Realme C3 which is much better but costs more.

- 450nits brightness is very good for outdoor visibility.
385nits brightness is enough to read, type, make calls, book Uber in sunlight.
Most phones in this price have around 330nits brightness.

- 720p/HD display on a 6.2inch display is perfectly fine & normal in this price!
You won't see any pixelization/boxes at hand distance or while playing games.

- 4230 mAh battery will easily last 2 days, if you don't play games.
1-1.5 day if you play games.

- Camera is definitely where this phone is lacking. Although its MP is normal for the price, the "apertures" aren't enough to capture good detail.
But if it supports Gcam, it can capture very clear & detailed pictures.

In short, it's not a bad choice for someone who needs phone for VR apps/games in low price. Overall, a good step from Oppo as their phones are normally expensive.

A12 vs A 12s

Redmi 8 tyoe C batt 5000 its amazing

  • Nouman

Reyansh Madan, 11 Jul 2020Good choices in terms of features and specs and I think def... moreThis is such a straight comment from own oppo employee

but Oppo A12 just launched in India. Is it going to come in India with the same specs and the processor or are they going to upgrade it to one of the latest mediatek processor?

A5S but "Better"

Thanks Oppo

  • Anonymous

same as oppo a12

  • AnonyMous

Oppo a5s with upgraded os version but downgraded camera...
Why not just provide software update for oppo a5s users?...

OPPO: more money

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2020Booring. Mtk and the 720p screen saiz it all. The device wi... moreExactly..welfare written all over this phone

  • Yrah

HaykN, 14 Jul 2020Bruh 2 camera in 2020.yeah

HaykN, 14 Jul 2020Bruh 2 camera in 2020.a10

  • Anonymous

Booring. Mtk and the 720p screen saiz it all. The device will be doa.

Bruh 2 camera in 2020.

  • Reyansh Madan

Good choices in terms of features and specs and I think definitely a viable budget option.

  • Arnav Bajwa

It is important that a brand implements decent features in a budget range device and not ignore certain aspects just cause of the price point and honestly it is nice to see Oppo A11k maintaining it all.

  • Ayaan

Good choice by Oppo on the Helio processor for the budget range.

  • Aryan

Oppo A11K is a decent choice for a budget smartphone, neat battery and camera power supported by a reliable Helio processor.

Another budget phone which will price around 85 EUR probably.

this better be cheap

  • Aflal

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2020why not 4GB ???!!!! now for daily Multitasking btw some ap... moreYeah it's true. Btw who is gonna buy this kind of useless phone, i mean 2GB ram in 2020 is far behind the normal day to day phone and 32GB is the only storage to use and it's not even close enough for normal users because 8GB from that will be taken to software of the phone. Waste phone