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Oppo A17k

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  • Anonymous
  • Nue
  • 10 Jun 2024

Anonymous, 10 Feb 2024Dude this phone cant handle any game very laggy bruh it lik... moreTrue talk bro true talk

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    • Gabby Yung
    • p$s
    • 03 Jun 2024

    I regretted the day I purchased this handset cos it ain't a phone. It just frustrates me. I feel like literally breaking it with my bare hands.

      Anonymous, 19 May 2024Just a waste of money. The system is buggy af apps crashes.... moreEven casual use with this phone ended up being laggy

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        • Anonymous
        • DxW
        • 19 May 2024

        Just a waste of money. The system is buggy af apps crashes. Like whats the point of the "Game Mode" when the system itself crashes 💀. The feature is great and all but the system is just trash. But hey it's quite resilient. Taken some beating and it has survived till now with only minor cracks. You can definitely smash this into someone's head and just say, "I've had enough of this phone" typa shit. Indeed there are better options than this for its price range or perhaps even cheaper. It's not made for gaming based on experience from owning it for almost 3 years. Keeping your storage no more than 49gb can probably make it run smoother with the ram extension. The camera is quite decent although quality might not be it's thing but with pro mode you can get a decent picture out of it. I can say that this phone is made for practicality and not gaming.

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          • Black Rudolf
          • tZj
          • 14 May 2024

          To wake up after pressing the button is also lagging.

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            • Jake
            • whA
            • 02 May 2024

            Well i have this phone for almost 2years now but it wasnt that good as i expected, Im a gaming main but this phone is more nice in social uses so i would recommend you to buy these if you only need social use,business and camera use but not for gaming

            Overall rating:
            Social Use:9/10
            Phone Performance:8/10

            Ps:Just find other phones better than this one its just so much pricey for its chipset G35

              This is stuck in Android 12 forever, isn't it. The software is so buggy and laggy. This should've been on Android Go even.

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                • Anonymous
                • Kg}
                • 10 Feb 2024

                Dude this phone cant handle any game very laggy bruh it like i waste my seven thousand on this useless phone
                that cant handle any game even if the game is low quality it still lag i suggest to discontinue making this
                piece of trash

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                  • Anonymous
                  • DkU
                  • 17 Jan 2024

                  It's true the phone is very dum here is no minimise nation we can't send any link with app it will reopen and our all data will be deleted and my phone use only 32gb but the phone hangs and it was very slow and if I open any online game we can't click anything that much it was hanging very domb bad bad bad worst the oppo 15 is more more more than better

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                    • Sam
                    • f30
                    • 05 Jan 2024

                    Mural , 18 Jul 2023Honestly,the first month when I bought the phone,it was eve... moreThis is a super flexible phone that I have ever use,even I encourage many of my friends to buy it.its all specs are fast and superb camera sound etc thumbs up.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • th2
                      • 01 Jan 2024

                      It really lives up to the title bad phone. The phone lags when i use YouTube like come on man i just wanna watch things and sometimes even lag at casual games that barely takes your storage. Don't even start with with the ram and storage for a phone in 2022-2023 it's the worst and the price ain't even that good. They also "advertised this phone on having a good quality camera bro it's literally 8mp what do you mean good it's bad. I hope they discontinue this phone

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                        • Bibihk
                        • 2Wn
                        • 29 Dec 2023

                        E, 23 Jun 2023Great for casual gamingYou're kidding? Even just 3 or 4 opened chrome tabs and you're DEAD!

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                          • Bibihk
                          • 2Wn
                          • 29 Dec 2023

                          Anonymous, 21 Sep 2023this is great phoneBullshit ! You had a Nokia 3210 before to say this?

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                            • kumar
                            • D07
                            • 16 Dec 2023

                            6 months before i bought this phone. its very very dead slow. by mistaken i suggested my friend also. very very bad experience. i am not able to use this app as fast. it tooks a minute to open for all apps, even phone call, whats app, msg

                            very bad

                              Hein , 27 Sep 2023Support charging W?it only does 10w.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • XEQ
                                • 22 Nov 2023

                                Misty, 25 Mar 2023I'm so disappointed in this phone (oppo A17K) How I wi... moreVery true I can't even play free fire max just the normal free fire and it lags all the time I hate this phone

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                                  • Kanchan behera
                                  • upd
                                  • 30 Oct 2023

                                  Phone is too long and too lagg

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • fnA
                                    • 18 Oct 2023

                                    Files get's lost out of the blue... I've noticed it for quite sometime...wtf is this...the problem still persists after factory data reset, a whole folder with my valuable documents got lost and some random pics... they'd be in Google trash if I'd accidentally deleted them 😑

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                                      • papatalok
                                      • Fvc
                                      • 18 Oct 2023

                                      trash phone. too slow and laggy

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                                        • Fuck
                                        • sxs
                                        • 01 Oct 2023

                                        It's to slow for me realme much better