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  • Anonymous
  • fuf
  • 30 Nov 2022

Anonymous, 05 Oct 2022Where is the on and off of this phone Kindly long press the power button

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    • Kim
    • Xxm
    • 26 Nov 2022

    I bought the phone but it's full of Chinese some apps are in Chinese,how can I be assisted

      Zama, 17 Nov 2022Can i upgrade android to 9Not sure

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        • Zama
        • U{%
        • 17 Nov 2022

        Can i upgrade android to 9

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          • Noir
          • sSW
          • 16 Nov 2022

          Pretty good phone for games or media consumtion. Battery can last for a day (left at 6AM with full charge, and home at 9PM with 3% left with moderate use like game, youtube, maps and 80% brightness), it have decent camera, decent speaker, and a headphone jack!!! :D. Downside is this phone didn't have any manual mode on camera, didn't have any option to take a picture at 16:9 ratio, it's stutter a lot for project sekai (it's fine for other games and I'm using 4/64 variant btw), back side is a fingerprint and scratch magnet and sometimes the touchscreen is not very responsive.

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            • Anonymous
            • I@H
            • 12 Nov 2022

            you have to suffer, 29 Aug 2022if you use gcam then its 50/50 chance that are no and yes. ... moreYes this is the second time that i broke the lcd thats why this phone dont fit with me 😐😑

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              • Sam
              • RNU
              • 10 Nov 2022

              This model is not upgrading the software after 8.1 . We need new version to operate bank account etc., It is useless.

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                • Jane
                • tuf
                • 08 Nov 2022

                After using it for a few years, I don't have problem with it. Recommended if you don't need to install a lot of apps. No lag issue.

                It has call recording feature that you can set specific phone number that you can record or for all calls.

                The issue that I faced that force me to change phone is that, it has pre-installed apps that taking up the space and therefore I cannot install a lot of apps. Using external memory card does not help a lot. It can only keep our files and photos and cannot be used to install apps.

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                  • Jane
                  • tuf
                  • 08 Nov 2022

                  Anonymous, 05 Nov 2022Does the phone has finger print Nope

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                    • Anonymous
                    • r3a
                    • 05 Nov 2022

                    Does the phone has finger print

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                      • M Onish
                      • ypc
                      • 31 Oct 2022

                      The best budget phone i have been using since 2018 Dec.You will get a lot of default features like call recording, calculator for every need , movement tracker etc which is missing from several smartphones.
                      No need to worry about the battery backup. It can last for a day with 1% charge if you are not using it.
                      Drawbacks are low camera performance and low storage.

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                        • t
                        • t7A
                        • 30 Oct 2022

                        Agubuo Justine, 30 Oct 2022Please I need an answer does this phone support screen record yes it does but you won't be able to record the internal audio

                          Please I need an answer does this phone support screen record

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                            • Anonymous
                            • Kg}
                            • 26 Oct 2022

                            Oppo A3s is not expandable i tried to insert memory card in it but the phone read it as an internal memory i tried to move my photos and videos to it also and in my surprise all of that work pays nothing and i pay for memory card that i didn't use for the purpose😑. Another downside of Oppo A3S is it automatically deletes your file without your permission and removes every file that it thinks useless, whenever i see the file manager i go to its "app info" and i disable all its features.

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                              • nadeemch528
                              • uZH
                              • 06 Oct 2022

                              Factory reset then update all apps +whatsapp now you have low memory and low ram thats why i'm not happy with it

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                                • Anonymous
                                • gmb
                                • 05 Oct 2022

                                yusahu, 17 Sep 2022better phoneWhere is the on and off of this phone

                                  ItSJessi, 29 Sep 2022ughh i hate this phone its always full of memory pleaseeeee... moreto avoid this:
                                  uninstall apps you no longer need
                                  move your photos and videos to sd card (i suggest you to buy 128gb sd card)

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                                    • ItSJessi
                                    • 6ca
                                    • 29 Sep 2022

                                    ughh i hate this phone its always full of memory pleaseeeee helphow to clean that_-

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                                      • yusahu
                                      • r3a
                                      • 17 Sep 2022

                                      Anonymous, 28 Aug 2022Does this phone have good camera?better phone

                                        Kalakantotan, 24 Jul 2022Does this phone supports vooc or any kinds of fast charging... moreYes it support fast charging and it's best cause it is 20w so it's good