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  • Greatman

Please how can I recover my opportunity A52. It was stolen from me. Thanks

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  • 26 minutes ago
  • Nue
  • palomar

Anonymous, 28 May 2021Do u still recommend it?I have been using this phone for over a year and am very happy with it. It does everything I want and still works as well as it did when new

  • palomar

Anonymous, 07 Mar 2021The alarm can only be set for the following 24hrs or every ... moreWhen setting a new alarm (or editing an existing one), in Custom -> Repeat you can set it to ring on the same day each week - e.g. every Tuesday, or pick multiple days of the week. I hope that's what you meant.

  • Anonymous

USER , 05 Jan 2021This phone is convenient to use..... =-) It has a long las... moreDo u still recommend it?

  • Mahboob

It didn't support PUBG HD graphics

  • Riz5

When i open phone book/ contacts it took 5+ seconds . How to solve this issue. Phone Manager doesn't solve this issue

  • techy boy

it does have nfc for paying with the phone etc

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Apr 2021It' s upgradable to Android 11.Also upgradable to Color OS 11

  • Anonymous

It' s upgradable to Android 11.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Mar 2021The alarm can only be set for the following 24hrs or every ... moreyou can install a different alarm / clock app that you like.

  • Markts58

Bought for my wife.. She had galaxy S7 before. While she liked certain things it was just too Glitchy for her

  • Anonymous

The alarm can only be set for the following 24hrs or every day.
I would like to choose a day to set once.

  • Camera150

This phone camera is pathetic don’t even think about buy this phone.

  • Zohaib

Does oppo a52 show fast charging?

Today my A52 getting Android 11 + colour 11.1 thanks to oppo for giving the software update.

  • Jess

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2021Usually, it's recommended to "hard reset" yo... moreVery good and high recommendable

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Dec 2020Oppo A52 has NFC in AustraliaYes

  • Anonymous

Hamid , 13 Jan 2021I have all ready updated software colour os & android 1... moreUsually, it's recommended to "hard reset" your phone after a update. It almost always fixes any problems caused by updates.

And please describe its cameras as good as you can for me, if possible.

  • Shino

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2020Hello, pls I want to know if A52 comes with gorilla glass p... moreI brought oppo A 52 in india now iam in kuwait it showing contry region unlock plz conyact oppo service ceter what i will do i went oppo service center they cannot do it

  • Hamid

Perulmari, 08 Jan 2021Oppo A52 mobile has now new software updation, Android 10 t... moreI have all ready updated software colour os & android 11 but then after mobile battery backup change I have continue using a mobile 5 to 6 hours then after battery is my loss only 60 and 75%..
After updating software the very big problem hanging a mobile so very slow operate mobile
Please needful help solution to become a written a message