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Oppo A54

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Liberty valance, 02 May 2022By far the best phone for battery life, Camera excellent, ... morewhich? this oppo?? its in your dreams. or redmi note 9 pro??

  • Liberty valance

Anonymous, 27 Mar 2022instead of buying this useless phone, go for redmi note 9 w... moreBy far the best phone for battery life,
Camera excellent,
Good clear screen,
Charges relatively fast,
All round bargain price phone,
Highly recommended,

  • bella MUM

i love this phone. It always works without any issues. Takes great pictures for a mobile. Easy to operate and navigate. Holds battery for extremely long time, Good size and feels good in hand. Charges quickly and lightweight. excellent buy for a low cost phone. Blue tooth, facility excellent. I am slightly deaf in one ear but have no issues hearing people on the phone. Works well on 5G for service. Never drops out. Very happy with this phone.

  • Anonymous

instead of buying this useless phone, go for redmi note 9 which has the similar price range.

  • Anonymous

Rana, 22 Jan 2022Will Oppo a54 receive update android 12....?The android 11 update literally ruined its motherboard for me.

  • Amina

Useless phone..hang and pixels very bad ...

  • Messier83

A lesson to people who regretted this Phone:

Do your research first...
Research the specs and reviews of the specific Phone unit you wish to buy and seek for other alternative and compare their performance over Value...note there's some Phone Reviewers that is also Bias so beware

Recommended Phone brands you should go for if you have very tight budget (100usd-300usd)..
Xioami,Poco,Infinix and Tecno phone will offer 1080p and Midrange HelioG88/Snapdragon732 in Budget and Snapdragon870/Dimensity1200 in 380usd...

  • Anonymous

hello there , 30 Dec 2021this phone is over priced in my country but the specs is no... moreVery useless phone....I bought it with a high amount here In Nigeria, I feel cheated

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Mar 2022It’s the worst phone waste of money, no good camera, have p... moreIt's a very useless phone, I got it for 108000 naira, I feel so cheated

  • Anonymous

It’s the worst phone waste of money, no good camera, have problems while video calling. When in loudspeaker not able to hear, very low volume and also the other side can’t able to hear.

  • Namra

It's a wastage of money . Absolutely shit back camera . Never buy it .

  • Cyclo

Very disappointing. Slow, freezes constantly, the camera is totally sub-standard, pixelated images more like from a phone 10 years ago. Definitely not recommended at any price.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Dec 2021Mine doesn't freeze. I have been using it for about fi... moreThird class phone
Worst camera
Worst keyboard, can't write exactly
Worst everything

Money waste only
Third class mobile

  • Joiya

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2022Did you receive android 11Yes dear

  • Sasquatch

1. It bothers me that I can tell when I have a missed call or message until I wake up the screen. I wish it had a light that blinks.
2. It should be intuitive enough to associate earphones with the radio and music app. In my former Huawei, if you connected your earphones it displayed these apps automatically.
3. Reminders don't ring or alert you . Neither do calendar appointments or meetings.
4. Music app is crappy, doesn't show over screen when locked.
I don't care abt cameras, but its not all that great.
Battery is decent for my very minimal usage, not much of a gamer but I love watching Netflix and YouTube on it.
Not an intuitive phone.

  • Anonymous

Rana, 22 Jan 2022Will Oppo a54 receive update android 12....?Did you receive android 11

  • Phone-user

Yusuf shah, 30 Sep 2021Maybe they are new to smartphone with tight budget and have... moreIt's only a few highly intelligent, super tech guru's, Nasa engineers like yourselves who cares about all this jargon. Means nothing to me and the rest of the world. A phone is used to phone, you want a camera go to Japan and buy a Nikkon. If it has to be super fast get yourself a Porche.

  • Baba

PhoneCompany, 13 Jan 2022It's a good phone, is a renovable battery for 12+ hour... moreone can go in "settings" and then "battery" then turn the "performance mode" on then one can see the difference, but after turning this on one may face fast battery draining as it may consume more battery than before.

  • Baba

This phone is only for camera and excellent battery backup and for normal daily users, they used mediatek helio P35 chipset which consumes low battery power hence it gives 11.50+ hrs screen on time, this phone is not for gaming so hardcore gamers stay away.

  • Anonymous

Not value for money . Go for another phone thats it .