Oppo A55

Oppo A55

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I would go for Nokia G20 , stock android, two major android updates. Colour os is heavy.

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The resolution 720p low

Mahboob Siddiqui, 01 Oct 2021180 Euro for G35 😱That's OPPO. Nothing unusual.

Mahboob Siddiqui, 01 Oct 2021180 Euro for G35 😱Always wondering why oppo entry level phone is so costly

  • Fonzy

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2021Everyone's talking about why it's using g35 but n... moreRight, something fishy here. Did mtk g35 really can handle 50mp or oppo just used software to justify that it can use 50mp ?

  • Anonymous

Everyone's talking about why it's using g35 but no one's asking about if g35 even supports 50mp sensor

180 Euro for G35 😱

  • Peot

Lol g35 entry level under 100 usd

  • bruh phone

hate how they just get from the 2018 a5 and a5s (use snap 450 and helio p35 which was pretty dope and valuable at the time) to the a5 2020 with snapdragon 665 (one of the best budget phone at that time), the a52 (even better with nice camera and good designing), the a53 with snapdragon 460 (equivalent to snapdragon 662) and all the way back to... helio p35 on the a54 and a55


g35 is very bad compare to that price

  • Shan

Price very high compared others smartphone barnd Hello G35 prossser

  • Anonymous

what this spec for 180 Euro?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2021the old never dies heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheehehe G35

  • Anonymous

the old never dies