Oppo A5s (AX5s)

Oppo A5s (AX5s)

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  • Danishhh

my device not suppport 4g band 5.

  • Anonymous

This phone was good on durability, often it was released with HelioP35, it's still very usable on 2021.

  • Theproficient

The phone's good when it was released buh gets weaker as it ages cuz new models are out with better specs buh still it's a good midrange phone 🤳
Thank you

they use smart meter to save the battery power, but in other hand cpu performance getting stuck. the battery is good if you not use it for daily task :) let me try with root permission.

  • Anonymous

it does not have built in fm radio you need earphone to hear radio in this phone

  • Dale

If your looking for a new gaming phone, this phone is quietly not the best, First of all the fingerprint don't work sometimes, but it's fine as long we have the pattern/number password. Second, The battery isn't the best, it only takes about 4 hours until the battery is low, 4 hours is long but not if your a business owner or a gamer, And lastly, the performance, it gets laggy sometimes if it's aging, if your unpatient this is not really the phone who is compatible with you. I'm not hating, it's just my experience which I'm happy to share to you. That's all goodbye, Have a great day.

  • Jee

qal, 14 Sep 2021Lol , i'm sorry but why why my oppo didin't get a... moreYou can't expect 2 years old's Android phone used to be updated with latest Android and also with some new features. As the old chipset only working to update security updates for current version Android and impossible to update a lot of things like new Oppo phones right now. Cut the unnecessary thing that waste your money and save your money and buy an iPhone, which is value for the performance still last longer and faster for this year. Or maybe XS would be recommended as its more cheaper and really have a great performance than you're expecting to buy a phone that costs you $150 which is can hold up at least 2 years for current games.

  • qal

Lol , i'm sorry but why why my oppo didin't get any update from last year is FUVKING annyoing when others oppo user can get more futures the us , please update my phone lol , 🙂 some further is can't be appear on my phone

  • Johnnie

yuyope, 31 Jul 2021I've been using this phone for 2 years now, and here&#... moreI disagree totally wit u bro maybe u bought the fakevoppo 5As

Son of cake, 13 Jul 2021Why when i open some website is flickering? There anyone k... moreUse duckduck go browser. Same issue appear on me

Oppo A5s support dual-band WiFi, 2.4/5 GHz

  • Gaurav dodke

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2021oppo a5s have no VOLTE can you help Please Oppo a5s Colour os 7 update please request You 🙏🙏

  • Anonymous

oppo a5s have no VOLTE can you help

yuyope, 31 Jul 2021I've been using this phone for 2 years now, and here&#... moreThank you very much for such a detailed review, was very helpful, thank you!

I've been using this phone for 2 years now, and here's what i think about it.

Back camera quality is good if you like taking pictures of landscapes, videos are a little shaky but it's acceptable.

Front camera shoots OK selfies in well lit conditions.. unless you're in the sun or facing a window or else quality is not at all nice. Struggles alot in low light and the selfie camera tends to be yellow tinted, which i didnt notice in review videos on yt. you can't change the white balance in stock camera (you need 3rd party apk).

Gaming on this phone rly depends, its good for low end simple games but struggles alot and heats up like crazy with games like obey me (i never played anything else lmao)

scrolling through social media and multitasking is also acceptable but heats up after a while of having 2 or more apps running in multitasking (usually i use yt vanced for background music and go through insta/fb/twitter/tiktok or read manhwas)

what bothers me most about this phone is call quality on Discord. whenever i go into a call everything becomes muffled and can barely understand a thing, even background music. i DO NOT recommend this phone if you spend alot of time on discord. run the other way for a different phone :)

also the storage is a bit small, i run out of it in no time (i have 2/32 variant but in reality u get only 21 gigs of storage which is not enough for anything. i bought 2 SD cards but they both stopped working in 2 days not sure if its a phone issue)

that's about all, i was happy with it when first got it but then got so disappointed by the selfie cam and discord. other than that i'd recommend for anyone who likes to spend time on social media and use it for very basic stuff.

  • Jame

Son of cake, 13 Jul 2021Why when i open some website is flickering? There anyone k... moreSame here

  • Anonymous

the real potato phone.

  • Azmi

lesbian lol, 10 Jun 2021Ok so i used the oppo a5s for 1 year+ ? And i bought the 3/... moreLol i love how you explained everything base on your experience with some jokes and recommending other brand. Love it.
Nowdays secondhand unit can buy with just only under RM300 (USD90-100).

  • Son of cake

Why when i open some website is flickering?
There anyone knows about this?

  • Anonymous

bad for anything, never buy it. even its laggy if you playing roblox.