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Kalukramer, 19 Aug 2021I have 2 A72 in my home, they have several problems, oppo b... moreSame issues

Becoming hard to live with after 3 months. Fingerprint sensor in awkward place. Volume switch same. Getting slow. Phone rings and answer screen not there.
FB now getting glitchy.
It's going back. Huawei was smoother.

  • halgurd

Myself, 21 Aug 2021Just got this phone today and what a Slow Frustrating devic... morefor social media and normal usage is a good phone.

  • Anonymous

halgurd, 31 Aug 2021I bought Oppo aA72 two months ago on eBay, I can say, it is... moreDemand

  • halgurd

I bought Oppo aA72 two months ago on eBay, I can say, it is a very good phone, it does not let anyone down.

  • Human

Android 11
Color OS V11.1

Got the update the 27.8.2021
for this phone

  • MOMO d

Got mine about three months ago
Honestly it's not bad for £170
No problems so far

  • Myself

Just got this phone today and what a Slow Frustrating device it is. forget playing and audio stored on Sd Card What a polava in order to get mine to play i had to move sd card onto another device then link that device to pc upload audio files to pc then transfer them back to phone storage to enable them top play. what a waste. My images are taking ages to load up on the phone. would be better with two cans and a piece of string.

I have 2 A72 in my home, they have several problems, oppo banned me from forum when I expose the problems.

1 - when unlock phone, sometimes the backlight don't have enought bright, must lock and unlock to become ok.

2 - sometimes phone rings but don't have any sine on screen o incoming call, then you lost the call.

3 - the proximity sensor don't work well, sometimes the calls falldown, the screen is on in you ear.

4 - G keyboard space is to close of close app button, sometimes you close text acidental when you wrinting.

Sorry for my bad English (this isn't my language)

  • halgurd

I have recently bought oppo a72, it is a good mid range smart phone, every feature of his phone is good enough, camera , speed, battery, screen resolution, responsiveness, if the screen brightness is on automatic is enough for more than 16 hours of normal usage, I mean social media, google, facebook, youtube...

  • Lustev

Pretty crap to be honest. Performance lag, generally slow, touchscreen only registers touch about 85% of the time.

  • Kay jay

Does anyone have the phone freeze while texting?

  • Anonymous

will this phone get andriod 12 in the future?

  • gogofupo

Morde, 16 Jun 2020What is the difference between Oppo A92 & Oppo A72? I c... moreA92 doesnt have NFC Unlike to A72 that have it (NFC).
You just pay for more GB of RAM for A92, but you sacrifice NFC.
Then I hear that A92 is for asian region (bands and all of this stuf).

  • Vantheman

Hi all since the update to 11.1 the window for display over apps keeps appearing randomly, very frustrating, any clues how to stop this.

Today i had the Android 11 and colorOS v11.1 on this device oppo A72

  • tigger29

what sd card is best for this phone for gaming

  • Yooo.

140 euro ,e bun

  • Varun

It is not 5g

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Nov 2020If wonder if it really offers Gorilla Glass 3 screen protec... moreIt comes with it on the screen I've pulled mine off because it's not great