Oppo A77 (Mediatek)

Oppo A77 (Mediatek)

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  • The Chris
  • CDF
  • 18 Sep 2022

I have been using this stupid phone but ,the problem can change itself password or pattern,,,, I tried to format twice but the same problem occur,,, and battery is so very bad. Finally it's stupid phone.

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    • Anonymous
    • 7X1
    • 08 Aug 2021

    Anonymous, 10 Jul 2021seriously, I've use this phone for 3 years and I hate ... moreAnd it didnt even get an OS upgrade.

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      • Anonymous
      • TSS
      • 10 Jul 2021

      seriously, I've use this phone for 3 years and I hate this phone eventually, no fastboot means no root or flashing custom rom, even original os does not user friendly at all except for giving the security updates. One thing that I appreciated was the camera, it is still nice in quality. At the end, the RM 1298 price is not worth it.

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        • Anonymous
        • ibs
        • 12 May 2021

        Not sure anyone will look this up. Been using this phone for almost 4 years. Have to say the bad thing is the battery. Ive been using it quite vigorously, so the battery drops like literal water now lol. Still on android 6, performance is acceptable tho stuttering is frequent.

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          • Anonymous
          • XVg
          • 18 Feb 2020

          so far, its the best mid range phone i ever had. the camera quality is good especially when using the pro mode. After 1 year of usage, the battery gets degraded and drains quite fast and also the phone becomes hotter after playing games for 1 hour. fortunately, until now the phone is still running smoothly despite long usage on a decent ram. im lucky to have chosen this phone for daily use

            Hey… actually this phone can set camera to 23mp/50mp Seriously!

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              • Anonymous
              • bxd
              • 08 Aug 2018

              Great news! This phone actually can upgrade to Android 7.1 (Color OS 3.1). If you don't believe me, go to Senn TV Southeast Asia. It actually works!
              OPPO A77 (Mediatek) and OPPO F3 use the same chipset.

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                • Ak
                • PF5
                • 24 Mar 2018

                nblsymm, 08 Aug 2017is oppo a77, p10 lite or vivo v5s good for gaming, camera a... morei have tried A77 & v5s. A77 good for gaming, but the only problem is battery.

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                  • AnonD-731646
                  • thw
                  • 18 Jan 2018

                  please to oppo mediatek version can be updated to version nougat 7.1.1 please, just stuck in persi 6.0.1

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                    • AnonD-726949
                    • sF%
                    • 29 Dec 2017

                    did this phone dimension same with oppo f1s?

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                      • the kop
                      • KZ8
                      • 18 Dec 2017

                      drain the battery so fast, nokia 5 has a smaller battery capacity but better.

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                        • Jess
                        • IVT
                        • 08 Dec 2017

                        Use for 4hour and half battery gone...

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                          • Anonymous
                          • vV5
                          • 06 Nov 2017

                          Oppo A77 is too boring...
                          Firstly, battery drain so fast...
                          Second, cant upgrade to nougat 7.0
                          Third, no notification bar that was hidden and appear only at screen lock..
                          Fourth, cant change font...
                          Then, camera is not so good at indoor...(blurrr)
                          Lastly, oppo A77 is totally not user friendly...

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                            • Pacat Ori
                            • vV5
                            • 05 Nov 2017

                            It's good phone but it cannot move apps to SD Card, what a waste...

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                              • Ryzuwan
                              • KZK
                              • 14 Oct 2017

                              Please update android to nougat 7.1.1 and please solve batery issue please oppo

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                                • Anonymous
                                • ibf
                                • 11 Oct 2017

                                Overall ok but no setting for me to change font. 😫

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                                  • Senn
                                  • bxd
                                  • 01 Oct 2017

                                  AnonD-682941, 15 Sep 2017can update andriod to 7.0?No, you can't upgrade to Android 7.0 or 7.1.

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                                    • UNknown
                                    • Hka
                                    • 24 Sep 2017

                                    I been using this phone around 2 months already . Everything was just okay . No problem at all . If u like to take selfie , this phone is your choice . Oppo come with a beautiful selfie camera so no doubt . The rear also the best . But the main problem are the system consumed a lot of ram around 1.7 GB . If you run a lot of apps , the only remaining rams were around 890 mb . And if the ram remaining below 400mb , u will face a lagging issue. So the only solution of this phone is by restarting it everyday . The battery capacity is 3200mah but comparing to my other phone ,p10lite 3000mah , my huawei p10lite is more better in battery life . Oppo A77 draining so fast and i think because of the phone system and apps which consumed a lot of ram . Well, that's the only lackness that I been face so far . Other than that , its satisfying . I hope the next update for Nougat or any updates will solved this issue .

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                                      • Bernice
                                      • bJb
                                      • 24 Sep 2017

                                      Joe, 28 Jul 2017Everything good..but one problem:battery drain so fastMe too.. My hubby bought oppo r9s, was very save battery. Then he recommended me to buy a same brand. After I used it, I get that is not the way as I think, damn, battery fast gone... 😥😥

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                                        • AnonD-682941
                                        • tuf
                                        • 15 Sep 2017

                                        can update andriod to 7.0?