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Oppo A78 4G

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  • bxd
  • 20 Jun 2024

Anonymous, 31 May 2024Update android 14 If i use 1TB FLASDRIVE my oppo A78 4g support or not

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    • Stefano
    • 0Q7
    • 03 Jun 2024

    Jinxed, 01 Jun 2024I just bought one few days! My opinion: Pros: it is a ve... moreI completely agree with your opinion: great performing phone for the price. I am just disappointed by the camera: I've tried many gcam ports without great improvements... And, such a strange thing, portrait photo taken with default oppo app are very good, way better than gcam. Has anyone found or made a good XML config? Thanks so much

      I just bought one few days! My opinion:
      Pros: it is a very good device for his price! Awesome amoled display, the battery is a monster: i get between 9 and 10 hours of screen on time(maybe more)every day with some mid do heavy use! Now, for example i am at 57% battery left and i have until now, 6 hours and 12 minutes of screen on time!!(awesome battery life) The size of the phone it's not too big and not too small, it has a decent size! I like the 3.5 mm jack as well! The fingerprint under display works everytime. The sound on speaker is loud, on calls as well! The ram management is good! The Android 14 works flawless!
      Cons: the camera is kinda weak! Taking close up photos is decent, but from distance, photos are mediocre!
      For me is a good 190€ phone, my rating is 8/10!

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        • Anonymous
        • fuP
        • 31 May 2024

        Update android 14

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          • Tesl0
          • md0
          • 28 May 2024

          Is it 4G+ ??

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            • Anonymous
            • DGC
            • 23 May 2024

            No-nonsense phone at a killer price.
            + Great display
            + Good performance
            + Very good battery life and fast charging.
            + 3.5 mm audio input
            + Decicated memory card slot allowing 2 SIMs + 1 SD card
            - Really bad camera :(

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              • Stefano
              • mdp
              • 18 May 2024

              Rami Hamza, 30 Apr 2024Same here .. not much changes though The update to Android 14 worked fine and every existing app kept running as well. After some days I decided to format the phone in order to have a clean install of Android 14... then I discovered that some older apps (APK) could not be installed any more. Is there any workaround?

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                • Anonymous
                • mgr
                • 17 May 2024

                Anonymous, 17 Dec 2023Go for Oppo A78 4G. Camera is good and much better with Gca... moreMay I ask which Gcam port you suggest? Is there any xml config available? Thanks

                  this phone sometimes restart.. 🙄🙄

                    Farhan733, 29 Apr 2024Got Android 14 update finally 🙌 Same here .. not much changes though

                      Got Android 14 update finally 🙌

                        any idea about the android support for this phone ?

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                          • Anonymous
                          • rwM
                          • 08 Apr 2024

                          Really incredible phone for the price. I need info about the auto lock immediately after timeout . After 15 seconds of inactivity the screen switched off but if I press the power button to switch the screen back on it opens up without asking for fingerprint scan or password, is there something in I'm missing. Please provide some info on this .

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 2FY
                            • 30 Mar 2024

                            95% good phone.

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                              • y6V
                              • 12 Mar 2024

                              It's an affordable amoled phone. Stabilizer is good, very loud speaker, and it's splash resistant.

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                                • iooo
                                • 6wx
                                • 08 Mar 2024

                                Is vibration terrible?

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                                  • overpeed
                                  • rmp
                                  • 01 Mar 2024

                                  the battery isn't that great it takes a day for normal day use.
                                  the performance is great and ui is customizable.
                                  camera isn't grat too but is acceptable.
                                  there is no ColorOS 14 update to this that, anyone know when will it comes ?

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                                    • mirror
                                    • iwp
                                    • 03 Feb 2024

                                    Sir Axel, 31 Jan 2024There will be an android 14 with the newCcolorOS on Oppo A7... morethanks for letting me know :) have a great week.

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                                      • Sir Axel
                                      • sxs
                                      • 31 Jan 2024

                                      mirror, 12 Jan 2024happy new year. is this phone getting android 14? ive been ... moreThere will be an android 14 with the newCcolorOS on Oppo A78 4G and will be somewhere in February or March

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                                        • babak
                                        • 8tw
                                        • 27 Jan 2024

                                        J03H, 27 Jan 2024This phone is Ok ish, I used to have a Samsung Galaxy S9 an... morein my country with the price of 6a you can buy two a78.

                                        also 6a does not support dual sim and its battery backup is terrible.

                                        so frankly i dont recommend anyone to ignore a78 and buy 6a