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  • what the

Phone lover, 29 Jan 2021I have use this phone for 4 years now and its is a reall... moreimposible this phone relase in 2018, today is 2021, check again

  • Ganda

been using since 2018, still working and fast

  • Swati

I've been using this phone since jan 2018 and still its in really good condition.. Though i am using soo many applications still No hang, no slow, nothing.


i am using this phone since 2018 it is in very good condition and working good too. thank you

  • qi

been using since 2018 tikn now 2021.. still in good condition.. no problem at all.. but wish it had new os android 11

  • Mashoorhamza

I've been using it since 2018 and still it works perfectly and the best part is it has 52 megapixel camera.

  • Wildfox

dimples, 08 Nov 2018i thought oppo a83 has a 16gb slot but then i knew it was o... morei thought oppo a83 has a 16gb slot but then i knew it was only 8gb it's really disappointed me...

  • Anonymous

I have used many handsets but Oppo A83 phone which I assure that I have been using this phone for 4 years. But it has never created a problem till date and there was no need to send a service center. I think this is the best handset 📱. Thank you

  • Anonymous

Same. Since 2018 i using this phone until now and its worth it.

  • Phone lover

I have use this phone for 4 years now and its is
a really good phone like i have no hang trust me
if you buy this phone care it. You can use it for years.
I don,t know if i help you or not but this is my experience with this phone.

  • Anonymous

This phone is a hand me down and surprisingly when I used it there isn't much of a problem even after 3 years of minimal usage. This phone is really a great buy

  • neverSayNever

Anonymous, 13 Dec 2020Bought in May 2018 still using it as a secondary. After 2.5... moreOh same here bought in May 2018 and I can relate

  • Anonymous

Bought in May 2018 still using it as a secondary. After 2.5+ years, the battery has gotten slightly weaker. The protective case that comes with it has started to crack into pieces.

- Really solid build on this phone. Very nice feeling while carrying it. Aluminium build is lovely. Would feel premium if the phone was a little bigger.

Screen brightness is great, better than more recent phones I've seen. Always on 70-75% brightness.

The UI is alright. It seems a little less cluttered but also seems a little basic. I don't like having to swipe up from the bottom to unlock the shortcut menu when in other phones you swipe down from the top. Takes some getting use to.

Overall it is alright. However, there are a few times when hotspot doesn't quite work unless i restart the phone. My other devices couldn't receive any data from this phone til the restart. Also, there seems to some strange reconfiguration SMS everytime I reinstall the SIM card and move into an area with better connectivity/coverage. This is the only phone I had that does that.

I dont use these a lot. However I find the camera has problems with brighter whiter colours. If the background is too bright, the photos become overly bright. It does really well with landscape and greenery pictures. Absolutely love the plant pictures I took with this phone. The greens really stands out. However i haven't tried to view the photos outside of this phone. Video is about as good as you expect. Playing back the videos looks nice and crisp. Just watch out if you accidently press the 10sec short video option. The camera UI really could use some improvement.

for general use, the speed and memory on this phone is decent. Feels smooth on each menu no horrendous lag ever encountered. However, it does terrible when it comes to gaming. I ran SWGOH and MCOC on this phone. Fairly laggy plays on both apps. Had a phone with a lesser MT p10 that has far less performance issues than this MT p23. To be fair, it ran better it the earlier days i had this phone, but over time my other lesser phone ran the games better. Perhaps the extra 1 gb RAM made a difference (4/64 vs 3/32 on this A83). Stopped using this phone for gaming.

Included screen protector, back case and headphones. I'm not sure if my vendor replaced the protector with tempered glass instead but my protector has a chipped edge (from being dropped) that feels like glass. Other than that chip, there isn't a scratch on the protector after all this time. Still looks new and really excellent. Back case is really a snug fit. Getting the phone out is a hassle due to the edges on the phone. Nice case clearance on the screen side but on the back with the camera is an exact fit. So if your phone drops on its back, the camera may have less protection than it should. The headphones have really crisp sound although the speaker control need to be an inch lower. Can feel tight if you turn your head around alot.

Overall, great as a backup/secondary phone or for someone to use who isn't into much gaming. Been fun using this phone as I will be looking for a replacement soon.

  • Anonymous

blueMelody, 25 Nov 2020Bought this in May 2018 and still running fine the downside... moreYeah, i've had mine for a while and there are almost no software updates, and i find it very annoying.

  • amber.fever98

Anonymous, 26 Nov 2020Change default browser Settings>App Management>Look at the bottom screen/Default App Management>Browser>choose app✓

  • Anonymous

Muhammad Risky, 28 Jun 2019How to delete the oppo browser application? Because I usual... moreChange default browser

  • blueMelody

Bought this in May 2018 and still running fine the downside is the lack of software updates like this phone is only getting security updates and not that frequently, it's like Nougat forever!

  • Username 6969

Dis phone is so slow. Its as slow as badass low end snapdragon quad core processor.

  • Mani

Best phone from last 3 year....

  • Anonymous

Kemmochi-, 05 Aug 2019Why is it that my phone OPPO A83 doesn't allow me to transf... moreIy really won't work,oppo a83 doesn't support that