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  • raidah

Been using since april 2016 until today still work at the good condition. This phone is kinda amazing when it comes to dropping the phone down. Last year my phone fall down from 15meter wall climbing area, but thank God its still functioning as usual (of course with phone cover)

Ya but the contrast is the storage are insufficient.

The rest are okay

  • Anonymous

The only disadvantage of this phone is that the screen brightness will automatically brighten when the camera is turned on and cannot be adjusted... 🙄🙄🙄

  • Conan O'Brien

Conan, 13 Feb 2020Terrible phone. I.ve had no end of problems trying to connect to... moreNope you shoun't

  • Conan

Terrible phone. I.ve had no end of problems trying to connect to my car via android auto. I've given up trying and will never buy another Oppo again.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Feb 2020Awesome phone I have ever seen games are very fast .... C... moreAgree, I have used this phone for more than three years, and it hasn't broken yet. It's a very cost-effective phone.

  • Anonymous

Awesome phone I have ever seen
games are very fast .... Camera perfect...

  • Anonymous

Grumpy, 10 Nov 2019Same issuei think every phone have this issue after several years. iirc you can replace the battery at service center but personally recommend you to buy powerbank or a new phone instead

anyway, what's the default keyboard of this phone? i lost my phone recently and change to huawei but the keyboard sucks

  • Grumpy

Gana, 29 Jan 2017My oppo f1f takes 4 hours for charging and drains into 1and half... moreSame issue

  • ley0

my oppo f1f mobile shows total space 8gbp instead of 16 gb why?

  • Sam

Curious Kenyan, 15 Aug 2019Great phone! Still works since May 2016. Battery life still goin... moreBest smartphone under 35

  • Darkmdex

Very good phone, still using it now and I'll be giving it to my mother next week when I buy an LG.
Screen was cracked two years ago but it's still usable and I am still dropping it many times (using protective screen) yet it works.

The cons:
1- Very low storage - 16 GB which most of it is eaten by the ColorOS
2- The battery drops quickly when on 3G/4G (but drops less when on Wifi). Currently using an original fast charger of Samsung J7 Prime and I noticed battery life is a little bit better.
3- I can't hear anyone clearly on calls anymore, voices are so low even when I put the maximum volume. I have to use the loudspeaker or a Bluetooth headset in order to hear them correctly.

Phone was bought and used by my brother for a year, me for two years and now I am ready to give it back for.

  • Curious Kenyan

Great phone! Still works since May 2016. Battery life still going. Only regret is storage. ColorOS and others take most of the 16GB! Shared memory slot with sim card not great either. Other than that, this was a great buy!

  • HopleT

said, 10 Jun 2019i'm using this phone since March 2016 and its working perfectly ... moreSame here, i bought this last feb 2016 and till now it works fine.

  • said

i'm using this phone since March 2016 and its working perfectly with all my apps.

  • denis

I've been using this phone since it was release last 2016 & I have no major issue with this phone. Still working as if it was new. Yes battery is weak but overall performance no problem

  • a

best phn

  • NR

I am using this phone for 3 years now. It has a good sound system compare to my old phone. The camera is okay. I have dropped this phone from 1 meter height and it is still okay, only the tempered glass cracked a little bit. Then, I also have dropped this phone a few times more. Well, battery need to charge twice a day because I used to much internet. If play a lot of game the battery will heated a little but it is not a problem. Overall, I love this phone and still using it right now. The best phone I have ever used.

  • Duglaw

I use OppoF1f. overall its good but the battery life is not good unlike OppoF1s.

  • dj

Got my Oppo F1 as a birthday gift from my Mom last 2016. It never crossed my mind to sell this bcos of the sentimental value. This phone is great except for the battery life.

  • Juan

Zia, 01 Jan 2019I've been using my Oppo F1 for 2 years. For the 1.5 years it was... moreNever experienced whatsoever in my Oppo F1.. Since I bought it last February 2017... Still runs smoothly...