Oppo F11 Pro selfie camera motor can be used 100 times a day for 6 years

Peter, 18 March 2019

Pop-up selfie cameras have found a home in the smartphone lineups of Oppo and vivo, but as they are relatively new, people may be worried about their durability. Oppo says it's a non-issue as the Oppo F11 Pro can be used 100 times each day for 6 years straight.

That means that even the hands of obsessive selfie-takers, the F11 Pro will be retired of old age rather than mechanical failure of the front camera. And if you use the rear fingerprint reader instead of face unlock, the usable life is even longer.

This info comes by way of the tweet below, which shows the Oppo F11 Pro performing music with its camera. No, the camera doesn’t make a sound, what you’re hearing is the preset sounds the F11 Pro can play when its selfie cam extends.

So, this isn’t like those videos of printers, HDDs and floppy disks playing music, but it’s still a pretty fun video.


Reader comments

So, we have a motorised system to raise or lower the front camera, but we can't be intelligent enough to make it a rotating camera so that 2 cameras (front+rear) can be replaced by one rotating camera (to save space, money, same quality selfie as r...

Basically, what it means is that by the time the user changes his/her smartphone (usually in 1-2 years), they won't be facing any issues with the motorized selfie camera yet, so OPPO's speech is pretty insignificant here. Why not try and think of a s...

exactly notch and hole are cancer, only popup and slider camera or small bezel can save us from abomination until manufacture can hide front camera under display (true full view display not like some dead pixel screen wannabe ugh)

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