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  • TeddyRuxpin
  • ter
  • 09 Aug 2022

I bought a F19 last year - very impressed with the phone. The only complain is the camera which is below par even for a budget/mid-ranger. Other than that zero lags, battery is excellent (my other phone is an S10 and the battery life of the F19 is waaay better) Amoled display is crisp, colors are excellent. Regular updates and the ColorOs is quite close to stock android. Runs snapdragon. Overall good device but the camera is hideous.

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    • mintu kumar bhandari
    • uwL
    • 01 Aug 2022

    I like phone

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      • Noman amjad
      • 6PU
      • 27 Jul 2022

      Talha, 22 Jan 2022Oppo a53 or oppo f19 which mobile is best for gamingI need oppo f19 original charger can you help me

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        • Shafqat
        • sUv
        • 13 Jul 2022

        This is my first time taking Oppo's mobile. And this is the last mistake of my life. I will never take Oppo's mobile again. I have used Nokia and Samsung mobiles before. I have Oppo F-Nineteen mobile phone under warranty. It hangs a lot. Especially since the latest update to Android IOS 12 . We can't use even three apps in the background. Otherwise it gets hung up and slows down. Please reassure those who are using this mobile before taking Oppo F19. Otherwise you will regret it later like me

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          • Anonymous
          • I@a
          • 02 Jul 2022

          Umer, 22 Jun 2022This is fine but its SIM network is very tiring because it ... moretiring? lte not on 4g? what is it you want to say? anyway, 4g is closely related to 4g... it is even better. sim is not a problem: it is your network's signal or data services that matters more.

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            • Umer
            • 6Qk
            • 22 Jun 2022

            This is fine but its SIM network is very tiring because it is on Lte and not on 4G

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              • Anonymous
              • uZH
              • 10 Jun 2022

              Hide apps option in this phone need more improvements...we can find hide apps from Google, play store, Google assistant, zapya chrome and other browsers and many more options besides this..so there is no benefit to hide apps ...that's why it need more improvements

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                • Hizbi
                • uZa
                • 06 Mar 2022

                By default Call recording software not update in this phone

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                  • Just
                  • Pxh
                  • 25 Feb 2022

                  Talha, 22 Jan 2022Oppo a53 or oppo f19 which mobile is best for gamingPoco x3 pro is the best at gaming

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                    • Sebi
                    • 6Pr
                    • 24 Jan 2022

                    Talha, 22 Jan 2022Oppo a53 or oppo f19 which mobile is best for gamingNo One.

                      farafalil, 07 Dec 2021I’m so confused right now. In my country, there’s no F19 av... moreI think a lot of these phone clones do that same thing

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                        • Talha
                        • uZa
                        • 22 Jan 2022

                        Oppo a53 or oppo f19 which mobile is best for gaming

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                          • Ali
                          • 258
                          • 13 Jan 2022

                          Back camera ok,but front not good,, display quality is superb, sound quality is also good, it's best for music and movie lovers, specially when u use head fone it feels very special,
                          Betry backup is also good
                          Very bad for gaming, even 8 ball pool,,,
                          It is not good for gaming,,,,
                          Even my oppo a5 2020 3/64 was better for gaming...

                          It's real review

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 6Pg
                            • 07 Jan 2022

                            WTF 48mp and 1080 30fps shamee

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                              • Anonymous
                              • uZa
                              • 04 Jan 2022

                              Shooterz, 24 Oct 2021It is very slow and hang many timesGood mobile but its very awsome mobile

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                                • Isath Nenuka
                                • v{u
                                • 18 Dec 2021

                                Ok First Of All I Used This For Nearly 7 Days

                                *Software Quality is good Got Many Features and all optimized and so accessible
                                *camera is not so good but okayish for a mid-range option
                                *Display Quality Is also good
                                *somehow on-screen fingerprint is so annoying IMO and not catching the finger with first touch
                                *As I did many researches if you gonna buy this also look onto Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro I think its price to performance is better than this but the shop guy told it got some signal issues.
                                *if talked about battery charging is fast AF. draining is also ok when not gaming and there's bit of heat sometimes when using for long period

                                Overall Im Satisfied With The Phone

                                  beep bop boop, 05 Apr 2021correct me if i am wrong, but this is the Indian version of A74I’m so confused right now. In my country, there’s no F19 available but yesterday I just bought A74. I googled model number CPH2219 but somehow search result suggest F19. How is this possible to be happened? Is A74 really cloning of F19? I feel cheated.

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                                    • Shooterz
                                    • uZH
                                    • 24 Oct 2021

                                    It is very slow and hang many times

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                                      • Samar
                                      • uZH
                                      • 20 Oct 2021

                                      Excellent usage.....

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                                        • Nokia 101
                                        • gN}
                                        • 16 Oct 2021

                                        reversible, 19 Sep 2021F19 is betterNokia 101