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  • Anonymous
  • XWm
  • 24 Aug 2023

I still have this phone working after 6 years, the finger scan is broken and detached but i was able to use it simlessly by making some glitch

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    • Yogita
    • rAN
    • 25 Jul 2023

    Using this phone since August 2017, still doing well. Despite its limitations, it's very good. I like it very much.

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      • Anonymous
      • rAN
      • 25 Jul 2023

      Using this phone since August 2017, still doing well , despite its limitations. I like it very much.

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        • Vikas
        • yZv
        • 05 Jul 2023

        Its been 6 years now but stills its selfie camera destroying all phones uoto 20k exceot HDR performance
        Aluminimn back, frame cg5 wow

          • P
          • Pam
          • 7Xq
          • 06 Jun 2023

          Using my Oppo F3 since September 9, 2017. I really love the camera and the design of my phone. Now, my phone is supet lag and can't support apps like Google Calendar and others. There is no system update available :( It is inconvenient to use :(

            • k
            • kamlesh
            • tTa
            • 03 Jun 2023

            using since oct 2017 and working fine,but now some apps does not support

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              • bharat
              • 7kp
              • 21 May 2023

              Ali, 24 Aug 2022using since 7/9/2017,and it is still working very fine no h... moreIam using this mobile since sep 2017. still working fine (2023). Great mobile

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                • Anusha
                • G6p
                • 21 Apr 2023

                I have been using this since March 2018(5+ years). Very durable. No scratch on the phone. I love this phone and dont want to switch to any other mobile. But the problem now is, it is not supporting few apps. Just checking if there is any upgrade of OS that can be made on this device.

                  My relative have this phone and getting 4g+ in jio

                    • E
                    • Elbert Teves
                    • I@H
                    • 16 Oct 2022

                    Ive been using this phone since 2018 and still using it 2022. Altho too many drop but still the lcd is quite durable. no cracks for me, and also good loudspeaker and. The problem in this phone, is the battery,fingerprint, and yes low os. but still im playing games in os 6.

                      • J
                      • Juan
                      • PEB
                      • 13 Sep 2022

                      I've been using this phone since 2018 and one thing I really love about it is the ultrawide front camera, very convenient for taking groufies. Got no problem with its OS until some of my mobile banking apps aren't working properly after updating.

                        • A
                        • Ali
                        • uRB
                        • 24 Aug 2022

                        using since 7/9/2017,and it is still working very fine no hanging problem, still it's very smooth and fine.By the way i am using it for gaming

                          A good mid range phone, especially camera (both front and back). I have been using this phone since April 2018 and it has been running very well. Nowadays it gets overheated while using mobile data and sometimes get stuck. Battery life has significantly reduced. Overall a very good phone to use.

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                            • OPPO f3
                            • 7Xi
                            • 25 Jun 2022

                            Camera error

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                              • Ilikephones
                              • vaS
                              • 02 May 2022

                              My oppo f3 fell last time while driving a trycicle and it's sad because we've been together for a long time.

                                Using 5 years, and still working.

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                                  • ATK
                                  • PZF
                                  • 01 Apr 2022

                                  Using it for 5 years it get hang alot and phone speed is average. Back camera is worst front is better.

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                                    • chris
                                    • uT{
                                    • 09 Feb 2022

                                    ive been using this phone for 5 years,, and i finally say goodbye ..

                                      • H
                                      • Hadi
                                      • ITJ
                                      • 25 Nov 2021

                                      Since 02-08-2017 i am using the same phone
                                      no battery issue or anything else only get warm some times now.
                                      no body believes that still this day after four years the battery life more then 24 hours on normal use even it lasts upto 48 hours..... i am very satisfied

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                                        • VeryPro
                                        • vx4
                                        • 24 Oct 2021

                                        Been using the phone for 4 years. It is very durable and very nice. Because it is 4 years old already, the battery life is bad (2 hours max of gaming), the phone temperature can get to a point where holding the phone can get uncomfortably hot, and the phone will LAG a lot. Used to be a mid-range spec phone back then but now it can still compete with the specs of low-range phones. Overall it is a nice phone even though it is already showing its age.