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oppo f7 use EIS or OIS??

  • Malvin

Anon, 27 Feb 2019What did you expect? It's a 270EUR phone.its great but donot update to unstable versions. will cause above things.

  • Kishor

Best phone but it doesn't even give colouros 5.2 update also no updates excellent work oppo team nice very nice.please try to keep your devices updated plz you are not taking care of old devices it is 1 year since I bought this device oppo f7 but I m not satisfied for my money even the smallest phones mi have slowmotion at first the camera is fantastic but later it's clarity reduced in night times it doesn't even use full display brightness while using front camera no slowmotion no 5.2 update.excellent work if you continue to do like this not considering your released devices you are not giving worth to your customer money.plz give at least 6.0 for oppo f7

  • AdduGang

Kashi, 05 Dec 2018Which phone is better. Oppo F9 Huawei Honor Play Huawei P20 L... moreOppo F7 is great for Gaming if you charge your mobile once if you play pubg for 1 hour the battery percent will 100 to 89
and if you use it lite so it will last for two days and if you only use facebook and social it will last for 2 days my opinion is buy if you are gamer and want mobile which are performance wise
camerz wise and and big battery so buy it

arash, 05 Mar 2019now i'm using oppo F7 for a first time also first day i love th... moreOppo F7 is a great device if you buy it at the right price. It ticks all my ABCD requirements in a phone as below:

A: Audio -> The inbuilt speaker is very loud and clear. Audio through through 3.5mm audio jack is satisfactory if not the best.

B: Battery -> The 3400 mAh battery provides excellent battery life due to Mediatek P60 chipset, using a LTPS lcd display rather that regular lcd and excellent software optimization.

C: Camera -> For a $220 phone the camera is one of its core strengths be it rear or selfie camera.

D: Display -> Uses an expensive LTPS IPS LCD panel which saves battery and provide richer colors.

The only cavet of F7 is it does not support Oppo's VOOC fast charging and the charger included is a regular 10 watt charger. I use a Qualcomm QC 2.0 charger of 18 watts (9V, 2A) and below is the charging times of F7 with the phone switched off and charger connected:

0 to 30% -> 1020 mAh -> 30 mins
0 to 50% -> 1700 mAh -> 50 mins
0 to 60% -> 2040 mAh -> 60 mins -> 1 hr
0 to 75% -> 2550 mAh -> 75 mins -> 1 hr 15 mins
0 to 80% -> 2720 mAh -> 80 mins -> 1 hr 20 mins

0 to 85% -> 2890 mAh -> 90 mins -> 1 hr 30 mins
0 to 90% -> 3060 mAh -> 98 mins -> 1 hr 38 mins

0 to 96% -> 3264 mAh -> 120 mins -> 2 hr
0 to 100% -> 3400 mAh -> 154 mins -> 2 hr 34 mins

As you can see F7 charges 0 to 80% of the battery in 80 mins which is very fast. But 80 to 100% takes another long 74 mins. 80% charge on F7 is enough to take you a whole day of heavy usage.

  • arash

now i'm using oppo F7 for a first time also first day
i love the performance it very smooth play game with HD graphic . the speaker sound very real the bass the voice huh love it!!. The battery life quite amazing . I have play a heavy game such like AfterLife/ML/Ros/pubg and the performance never get down.The photograpy/selfie Very love it. it van capture the natural of color so deep. the bad think for this future phone it doesn't have fast charger. but that problem can be solve just buy a new fast charger...
if you have problem playing game It not about the phone is about your network around you...

  • iwancoyy

which one back camera better: oppo f7 or xiaomi mi 6x??

  • Anon

Anonymous, 27 Feb 2019Piece of crap..signals weak..touch screen got issues...wifi weak... moreWhat did you expect? It's a 270EUR phone.

  • Anonymous

Piece of crap..signals weak..touch screen got issues...wifi weak..regret buying oppo... NO MORE!!

  • khassie

not compatible with mobile legend. i uninstalled my epic account because it has very unstable connection capability while playing. same internet while playing i got disconnected but my friend has no issue at all. very disappointed now why i chose this brand. vivo could have been better.

  • Carvomarvalo

jjjjj, 17 Feb 2019front camera have flashNo LED flash for front cam. But there is screen flash include.

  • L

What can you say/ opinion regarding phones with non-removable battery?

  • jjjjj

front camera have flash

  • Lmao

RishiGuru, 12 Feb 2019MediaTek Helios P60 is a king of a chipset, right there with Sna... moreLol..what a joke

Nexus 4, 11 Feb 2019I've been using this phone for 8 months,and i don't regret buyin... moreMediaTek Helios P60 is a king of a chipset, right there with Snapdragon 660 in terms of performance while being more energy efficient than S660 with its 12 nm manufacturing process. I own an Oppo F7, it is a excellent phone in general and performance will never be it's cause of concern. MediaTek is on the right path and upcoming Helios P90 will another Snapdragon 710 killer.

  • Nexus 4

I've been using this phone for 8 months,and i don't regret buying this phone, it's amazing why? battery is decent, snappy, doesn't heat up too much, the display is superb, camera is also decent, online games like, Pubg, Ragnarok and offline games like Metal Gear PW in psp emu are playing smoothly. I'm surprised the performance of Mtk Helio P60.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2018Why does my downloaded photos always missing? what is the proble... moreyour downloaded photos are in different album. check it

  • Sravan

F7 gives great value for your money. Decent camera and battery.

  • Ann

I've been using Oppo f7 from six months, and i must say this phone is worth buying! Camera is amazing, battery life is pretty decent and display is neat and beautiful! Also speaker works fine and is loud enough. So i highly recommend this phone.

  • Sahil

Selfe camera not clairity some dirty pic capture solove this problem