Oppo F9 (F9 Pro)

Oppo F9 (F9 Pro)

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  • Anonymous

Rahul, 30 Jan 2020High performance mode is awesome for games like pubg but now fra... moresame i want to break my phone cos high performance mode is gone😠😠😠

  • Rahul

Suraj , 28 Jan 2020Where is high performance mode in this new updateHigh performance mode is awesome for games like pubg but now frame rate is not good... Because of mobile's law performance... Please give us again high performance mode.. this was really so awesome for gamers...

  • Suraj

Where is high performance mode in this new update

  • Simi

Fatu, 30 Dec 2019F9 beauty vedio call is not working after .new version I want th... moreDid you get any solution for this?

  • DareDevil

I found this phone good in some features and not good in some, back Camera takes pictures with natural colors and with fine details but video capturing quality is not that good even in good light it captures details, front selfie camera gives weirdly whitish and blury look even if you turn off beauty option that white part is there, some apps are features are good but lacks in some features like, no flash light indicator, you can not tap on brightness bar to low or high brightness level, you can only drag that bar, although its not an issue but oppo should have given tap option 2, I recently upgraded security patch, theme store sucks now, battery timing is better after upgrading security patch, other features are same. I dont want to upgrade to latest colorsOS and Android 9 Pie . It works fine for me no lags, no heating issue, fast and steady have been using it from last 6 months, no issue till now. But I wish Oppo should work on its camera software I am not satisfied with it.

  • Anonymous

It is not even been 2 years since i bought my f9 pro. It suddenly started restarting continuously. It neither turns on nor turns off. It is just in restarting phase since two days. when the battery is drained it switches off. It doesnt even let me enter in recovery mode. And the service center people say that mother board has to be replaced.

Bro I have the same problem in my oppo f9 .. Downgrade the colorsos to 5.2

  • Reid Denne

I was surprised when my phone suddenly went blank. I was in the middle of talking with someone on the phone when my phone turns off. Phone says updating... And then after the update, gosh... All the features sucks. My camera downgraded... Worst update!!! I can't believe that 25MP front camera NOW, sucks... How can I go back to it's previous state?

  • Anon

For Me on Android 9 (Pie) Color Os 6.0.1
+ Video Camera Better
- I dont like Recent App looks

  • Amy

Very very bad update. Is that what you called update? For real? Camera downgraded. Messages unknown sources separator lost. Very regrettable.

  • Sudhan

How to oppo f9 mobile colers os7 update date

  • Anonymous

StressedStranger, 25 Dec 2019f9 just updated itself and now it keeps on restarting every few ... moreDid you find a solution?

  • Adil

The user interface is white. There is no dark mode. Can anyone suggest any app ? Night shield also has no such option. It turns everything black and white which is again not suitable

  • Anonymous

face beauty call not working after updated..pls .thank u

  • Sam

Hello please help us...facebeauty on videocall is not working please fix that issue.i want facebeauty camera on videocall...thank u

  • Sam

I want beauty camera on WhatsApp video call please

  • Anonymous

Face beauty is not working on WhatsApp video call after update my phone

  • Vicko

Fatu, 30 Dec 2019F9 beauty vedio call is not working after .new version I want th... moreI am encountering the same problem.. i am surfing the internet for solutions but am not getting any one.

  • Anaya

Fatu, 30 Dec 2019F9 beauty vedio call is not working after .new version I want th... morePlease i want beauty camera for whatsApp

  • Ben123

Hi, user of f9 pro here. Use around 6 month recently my phone keep restarting on itself, even twice a day just a short period less than 10sec taken. Anyone encounter or any solution to this? Had tried format, still having the restart