Oppo F9 (F9 Pro)

Oppo F9 (F9 Pro)

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  • Asad1999

sheshe, 04 Sep 2019this phone is the most annoying phone i have ever used. 1. it ... moreI'm using oppo f9 4gb and literally I don't have any kinda issue
maybe there is something wrong with your phone
i dont have any storage problem
yeah sometimes when i check battery there are some apps that start running in background like google photos
i disabled the option (not allowed to run in background)
Battery is perfect but after update (pie)
i think so it is draining faster then it was before.But still nothing to worry about:)

  • sheshe

this phone is the most annoying phone i have ever used.
1. it automatically opens apps in the background when the screen is locked even with a pin. this due when the phone is in your pocket, therefore leads to battery consumption.
2. the phone shows a large amount of storage space like 62GB meanwhile you cant download anything. any attempt it tells you "internal storage full". later you see the storage space back to same.
3. it freezes when using apps like facebook, imo, etc and also display "internal storage full"
i think you need to work on these faults.

  • Tester

What i like from this phone are
+ Battery Life
+ Great Photo
+ Fast Charging

- Video (Quality and bad auto focus)

I think this phone has nice photo, but poor video result.

  • cireXXXcire

Video rcording on the F9 Pro is beyond terrible. It can't focus at all and at night, forget about it, you're better off just drawing your subject by hand. I have an old iphone 6 that takes better pics and vids than the F9 Pro.

  • Anonymous

I am used f9pro I have received android 9 Now camera option is very poor

  • Anonymous

When update color os 6.0, this is so bad oppo r not updats OS on old models, i am waiting for my oppo F9 color Os 6.0

  • Anonymous

Everything bout dis F9pro, thumb up!..but lack of led 4 notifications..n wide lense..other Good 4 it's catogorise tho!..luv physical fingerscanner at back!..superfast!..face reconigtions Awsome in dark!..clone app..single handed mode Wow!..bla2

  • Rajan chauhan

I have updated to pie and color os system 6.0.1
And by my experience please don't upgrade your phone.
Nice UI
Nice wallpaper
Amazing task management

I'm very disappointed with camera software
The old comera software was amazing and now its completely sucked...
Bad Zooming quality
Removed super vivid option
Sorry for bad english

Is it water prof? I've been using this phone for 8months and I realize that can this phone work under the water. But I didn't try it, I'm scared if it isn't working. Thank you for the answer.

Isa k plus , 18 Jun 2019This phone is good but I'm tired of it because there's no update... moreUpdate is about to get released ,you could participate as tester in trial version ,visit color os community and try the luck .

  • Isa k plus

This phone is good but I'm tired of it because there's no updates for pie

  • Khan

My Oppo F9 loud speaker not working since very first day.... Got my mobile reset yesterday but issue not resolved....

Khan, 13 Jun 2019Does Oppo F9 support 5GHz WiFi?Yes it does , nowadays mostly cellphones supports dual bands wifi

  • Khan

Does Oppo F9 support 5GHz WiFi?

  • Sir_john

we are working on it. already started Beta test

  • Gautam kumar

I am using oppo f9 since 4 months and i feel not very good experience especially it's front camera is not good as its price and also running on color os 5.2 is not good as miui phones.one more thing oppo does not care about it's update.And also I want to know is there any chance to get Android Pie based on color os 6?

  • mercu

Been waiting for an update to pie9 for f9pro... but looking at the oppo history of after sales support updates they are poor at doing this! unlike other smartphone competitors they are already rolling out android 9 pie updates already! C'mon Oppo!!!!! wake up!

  • Dustino

Help me please after my update on the latest software i have an issue on my oppo f9 no music on my speaker no media volume but i can receive text sound or calls i have ringtone. but i dont have any media volume like playing music or watching youtube. What is the issue of my oppo f9????

  • Isa k plus

Will this phone get android pie? I'm using this phone but I'm not seeing any updates

Asad1999, 15 May 2019I'm also using f9 and it's like 1.5 month and I don't have this ... moreI called oppo service ,they said it's a feature ,camera flash won't work below 15 % battery ,even it's not possible to use flash through other camera app when batrery is below 15 .Such feature is added in most of high end phones such as one plus etc .I read reviews after I personally faced problem .Now I'm not sure it's a feature or drawback .Anyways thanks to went through my post .I don't face any major issue also ,it all just some bugs which I mentioned in my last post .regards