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  • AnonD-90610
  • gxU
  • 18 Dec 2012

Nikhil, 17 Dec 2012Add the following things and this phone will be unbeatable ... moreBeats audio seems to be far inferior option than the Dirac HD sound processing chip inside the Oppo Find 5 which is a technology that's embraced by the likes of BMW, Bentley, Rolls Royce and Datasat; making Oppo the first mobile phone brand to join the party. I couldn't agree with you more on the battery capacity though - everyone is chasing thickness, number of cores and their speed and dpi on screens as well as Mpx of cameras. Seems like the term "mobile" these days means to have a socket very near to you in case the battery goes off after few hours of use. The internal memory for most people? IMHO 32GB is more than enough if you count in the 64GB microSDHC slot. 32GB is more than enough for few big games, navigation w/ offline maps, some videos and music as well as pics. And if you want more well then pop in your SD. But why others should pay more for something they won't use?

    • k
    • keiro
    • S35
    • 18 Dec 2012

    Whats its cost in India ?

      • m
      • mami
      • npu
      • 17 Dec 2012

      441 ppi, 2 gb ram, and coming up on q1 2013. where is the 4g ?

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        • AnonD-66139
        • YTL
        • 17 Dec 2012

        Rayhan, 15 Dec 2012its not with 2150 mah battery.. its with 2510 mah battery..no its actually 2500

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          • Anonymous
          • t7S
          • 17 Dec 2012

          Good lookin phone.

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            • Nikhil
            • XNt
            • 17 Dec 2012

            Add the following things and this phone will be unbeatable for atleast next 3 years.
            1) 3500 mAh battery
            2) Internal 64GB and expandable upto 64GB
            3) HSPA+ upto 42mbps
            4) Beats audio system inbuilt
            5) Dust and Water proof
            the perfect reciepe for a senseable smart phone.

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              • annonymous
              • PSk
              • 17 Dec 2012

              i wish they make a review for this phone.

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                • Mohamed
                • iA0
                • 17 Dec 2012

                I saw earlier in a commercial AD on youtube that it's only 6.8" Thin which makes it even thinner than the Iphone 5 , How come it says 8.9" here in the Specs ?

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                  • AJ
                  • wdU
                  • 17 Dec 2012

                  the HTC BUTTERFLY anytime better than this

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                    • rahul
                    • PxB
                    • 17 Dec 2012

                    AnonD-8676, 16 Dec 2012Awesome!! Largest number of ppi I've ever seen!!see htc butterfly

                      • ?
                      • Anonymous
                      • 8Ie
                      • 17 Dec 2012

                      Amazing 1080 x 1920

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                        • porbear
                        • QDW
                        • 16 Dec 2012

                        The way talks was going I thought this phone was going to kill HTC 5 inch phone. I really don't see anything that will make HTC worried. Just wait and see HTC will be better and the main difference will be sense UI.

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                          • Esk
                          • 0Fq
                          • 16 Dec 2012

                          AnonD-86751, 16 Dec 2012Don't think its comming out anywhere expect china peps. Jus... moreNah, it's getting a US release at least.

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                            • AnonD-90017
                            • KI1
                            • 16 Dec 2012

                            If a version with 64GB memory or more comes, I'll certainly be interested in this device

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                              • urc
                              • Sdu
                              • 16 Dec 2012

                              like it , i wanna buy this soon as it already in the market..

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                                • AnonD-8676
                                • UD}
                                • 16 Dec 2012

                                Awesome!! Largest number of ppi I've ever seen!!

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                                  • AnonD-78683
                                  • fq6
                                  • 16 Dec 2012

                                  What with no Micro SD and fixed 16GB?

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                                    • AnonD-4305
                                    • wgF
                                    • 16 Dec 2012

                                    htc butterfly > oppo find 5

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                                      • AnonD-86751
                                      • 2FY
                                      • 16 Dec 2012

                                      Don't think its comming out anywhere expect china peps. Just the nature of Oppo I guess.

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                                        • jlajhoe
                                        • fwV
                                        • 16 Dec 2012

                                        the find 5 looks like somehow from xperia series, especially xperia s. from the front up then to the back even the placement of the camera. but this is really an amazing fone. im craving to buy this one. this will be battling against sony yuga next year, oh yeah. but im afrain about the battery, cant they just make like razor max quality? in the end, people who is dying to buy this phone would love to spend extra 100 bucks if they can triple the battery life. it could be a life-changing experience. meizu,oppo and xiaomi are getting heard now, soon they will change the domination of this big fone manufacturer, that might make the voice of the mass consumer to be heard. who agree with me?