Oppo Find X3 Neo

Oppo Find X3 Neo

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  • AnonD-1019084

Royal, 14 Mar 2021899 euros is a joke for this Chipset lol X2 Neo is still... moreGod you want something for nothing you do 🙄 I got one today on Ebay UK for £444 silver one brand new.

  • AnonD-1019084

RC255, 22 Apr 2021No they're not. Don't talk rubbish. Most phones u... moreNo both cells are same size

  • AnonD-1019084

freeBSD, 30 Oct 2021How?I seen them on Ebay UK for £400

  • freeBSD

Anonymous, 21 Oct 2021I can get the neo for €345.00How?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2021918 Euros and curved screen... NO.I can get the neo for €345.00

  • Anonymous

Edgie70, 03 Aug 2021Oppo Find X3 Neo or Exynos Galaxy S10 ?? I have the S10 and... moreOf course the x3 neo is better. I mean it has last year flagship chipset and even longer software support compare to the s10. If you want Samsung that has the same level as find x3 neo, it was the samsung s20 fe 5g.

Oppo Find X3 Neo or Exynos Galaxy S10 ?? I have the S10 and thinking of getting the Oppo

  • Suv

X3 Neo is worth the money. The sound quality for music enjoyment is exceptional. Performance is good. Camera has it good moments when i feel it's good.

I wish Oppo could realize what people really want. They have really good phones, but they are way too expensive. If this phone had wireless charging or expandable storage then I would say that you shouldnt wait for the OnePlus Nord 2 to come out and should buy this.

the oppo find x3 neo is my best smartphone ever. Besides that it works very fast without any interference, it is also an insanely beautiful device that lies very well in the hand. This device is definitely recommended because it offers top quality and the best imaginable results when you photograph and for music lovers you have a perfect Dolby reproduction with the currently free enco portions that you can request as a promotion.

  • Anonymous

Can we have a review of this phone please.

  • Ali2020

No expandable storage. Why?, A phone with 12gb ram and good cameras.

  • Anonymous

In the oppo X3 neo, the typical amoled flickering which even the most expensive amoled phones by apple/oneplus/samsung etc ALL suffer from, only starts at a brightness below 24%. So if you're sensitive to eyestrain, then this is a the best phone to buy at this point. Unless you can afford the Oppo X3 pro, of which the PWM dimming (and flickering) starts only at brightness of 16% and below!

  • Anonymous

r33fd, 25 Apr 2021SD 870 is pretty much the same thing and sd780 = snapdragon... moreThe 780g isnt as close as you say it is, it's quite a bit better boasting a 27% higher antutu score.

Wews, 23 Apr 2021Sadly they dont upgrade to sd 870 or sd 780gSD 870 is pretty much the same thing and sd780 = snapdragon 860 performance.

  • Wews

Sadly they dont upgrade to sd 870 or sd 780g

borris , 20 Apr 2021i have got oppo x3 neo and battery life says 3550 not 4500 ... moreNo they're not. Don't talk rubbish. Most phones use 2 cells to achieve the faster charging speeds, it even says this on Oppo's site. The reading you're getting is the larger cell only. There's a second, smaller cell for trickle charging at the start and end of a cycle (0-5 and 95-100) and reverse charging.

  • borris

i have got oppo x3 neo and battery life says 3550 not 4500 some gone sneaky and lied

  • Knayzilla

Milos Obilic, 12 Mar 2021Interestingly enough, Find X3 Neo doesn’t seem overpriced t... moreI got 8t for 520 Euros, I think it's the best value from the phones you mentioned. Works flawlessly, except the cameras which are not that important to me, but a dealbreaker for a lot of people. Generally, awesome phone.

  • Anonymous

I'd rate it high if this model has as good as mircoscope ability to capture extreme close-ups just as well, if not which model is best?