Oppo Find X3 stars in a couple of new teasers, 10-bit color engine confirmed

Ro, 03 March 2021

Let's start with the official teaser that comes from Oppo itself. On its Weibo page, the company posted a teaser confirming the 10-bit color engine that the X3 Pro would have. And perhaps the vanilla X3 too.

The official teaser from Oppo's Weibo page

It's supposed to be the first Android smartphone that's able to capture, store and reproduce 10-bit color content for smoother gradients and more accurate color reproduction in the DCI-P3 color space.

Additionally, @evleaks posted two promo videos of the Find X3 Pro, both showing the device in full, highlighting some of the key features. The handset stars in a CGI-infused, short movies with a minimalist plot.

And finally, there's also an image showing what's inside the retail package of the Find X3 Pro - a protective case, a charger and a pair of what seem to be wired headphones. Probably USB-C at that.

Source 1 * Source 2 (in Chinese)


Reader comments

24-bit colour, you mean? Yeah this has always been a part of the point I've been making as well. After all, what's new about Oppo's colour management system is that it ensures that the phone can capture, store and display the HEIF imag...

  • AnonD-762416
  • 07 Mar 2021
  • m2A

Are you now trying to deflect about displays not able to show more than 32-bit colour, at best? This is completely irrelevant.

There are two problems with your argument: 1. The embedded preview of a RAW image is JPEG, hence 8-bit, therefore looking at it in a gallery app will not reveal the full colour depth. Not to mention that the preview usually looks crap because in...

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