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  • Dodge j
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  • 05 Feb 2023

Pitchwisse, 23 Aug 2022This phone is pure awesome. The display is brilliant, color... moreWhich phone are u talking about here

    James, 03 Jan 2023The "alternatives, pros, cons, verdict" section n... moreAt the same time, various other flagships are going down in price. Here in the US, I think you can get the Galaxy S22 for about $350 (but that's because the S23 is coming soon).

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      • James
      • 8sv
      • 03 Jan 2023

      The "alternatives, pros, cons, verdict" section needs updating as the device is being compared to $1000 devices when you can get the device for £450 ($540 US). I've also seen this phone as advertised as having IP54 rating on currys.co.uk but that isn't mentioned here in the review, not sure what the truth is with that one. I'd love to here GSMs opinion on the comparison between other "Premium all rounders" and "flagship killers". I've just ordered this on a 24 month contract, 9GB data Ulimited mins and texts for £19/month and £0 upfront (£456 total over 24 months). For what you get this deal seemed too good to turn down.

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        • Laris
        • La8
        • 02 Jan 2023

        beautiful design and hardware but os stuck with useless google apps,no oppo apps on this coloros

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          • Ale
          • nRG
          • 27 Nov 2022

          Ordered one, just fresh out of the box.. tried it for a bit but it was heating up pretty fast like a oven (I was not playing any game, regular navigation). I've sent it back. I would not recommend

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            • Samie
            • XRI
            • 19 Nov 2022

            Does it have Dolby Vision for such price ??

              I feel like that the Find X5 is good for the price. It has a good Qualcomm 888 Processor, a very good Display with 80W fast charging and 30W Wireless Charging, and it is pretty good.
              The Battery is also perfect for me.
              Oppo has actually told that the phone is rated IP54, meaning that it's protected against Splashes and Dust, while Find X5 Pro is IP68.
              I recommend this phone if you don't want to spend too much money for the Pro version, because this phone also has Premium specifications.

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                • Bargain hunter
                • dSV
                • 24 Oct 2022

                Right now the X5 has 208 pounds of extra discount over the X5 pro, which is £250 more anyway. Save 458 pounds and keep the camera and charging and storage. The MariSilicon chip is brilliant. The charge times unbelievable. Great phone on EE £50x24 on unlimited data. So 1200 minus £100 of cashback. £1100 over 2 years. Not bad considering the phone was £750 only a few months ago.

                  I got the find x 3 weeks ago and this phone is to this point very amazing only issue what I have is the phone will be hot very fast sometimes.
                  It is depends on what you daily use is but I use Twitter message friends calls and YouTube and and normal social media stuff and by YouTuber after 10 - 20 minutes of use it will be little bit hot i dont know is that normal or not.

                  But overall this phone is very strong and has are very nice design and feeling the vibration motor is perfect and the camera is one of the best on the smartphone market. I can't tell what other people's have for camera issues but in my opinion it is one of the best.

                  The phone is very smooth and I never see are bug.
                  But this phone little bit overpriced this is true.

                  For this price little bit more you can got are iphone 14 pro or pro max. But I decided for the find x 5 pro because I as are apple user since iphone 4 will try some new stuff and the find x is perfect the feeling and the design it feels good and expensive like it should for this price. From other smartphone YouTuber i heard only good things about the find x.

                    karlotta, 22 Sep 2022I hate this phone. I got it about a month ago after 3 years... moreYou've been really unlucky, I came from a p40 pro then a pixel 6 pro and the find X5 hasn't missed a beat for me and feature rich enough for me even vs my P40 pro which if it had gms I'd still have (your experience sounds like a mini version of problems I had with the pixel 6 pro but a not half as bad as what the 6 pro was doing). Speakers aren't the loudest or bassiest but the quality has been pretty superb with dolby atmos active (possibly a problem? Shouldn't be but could be that, I've heard dolby atmos active can mess speakers up on a multitude of devices).

                    So atm my battery is at 60% from 97% after updating to android 13, updating apps, trying out new features/settings, about 2 hours of YouTube/ 40 mins of spotify with Blutooth headphones on. I've had 3 hours 56 mins screen on time with 7 hours 49 mins total usage (since last charge) which this is sort of worse case for me, I get around 7-8 hours a day to 10-11 hours best case and can go about a day and a half to 2 days without a charge (tbh though I generally just do little 5-10 min top ups when needed never full charges). My normal day is 3-5 hours of YouTube (usually left on for background use so sometimes I've got the screen locked), about 2 hours of Spotify connected to BT headphones/BT device, 2-4 hours of running game emulators like drastic ds emulator, myboy/myoldboy gameboy emulators (I generally leave them running in the background too, can do this for days without actually closing them).

                    I'm also currently running 2 5g sims that pick up roughly 200-250mb speeds on the 3 network, on the edge of a town surrounded by dead spots in the hills while using 200mb virgin media for WiFi. Never dropped speeds or un able to pick up the WiFi, consistently sticks to dual 5g with WiFi calling aswell and hasn't ever dropped a call or had call quality issues.

                    Sounds like they sold you a faulty device and have refused to exchange/replace. Such a shame because I'd say this is the best android experience I've had by a mile with how consistent the device has been (telephoto camera is a bit meh and I agree, it should of come with ip68 rating). My mate has a find x2 Pro which I recommended and he's had a pretty flawless experience too (I generally rate Oppo with high regards because of this now and look to even upgrade to the X5 pro/6 series when out).

                    Hope you can get your device exchanged or atleast replaced!

                      ElZver, 26 Sep 2022Less than a month have the phone and happy so far. Only I&#... moreOnly thing I can suggest is unlocking developer mode and finding "5g network mode", it let's you swap between automatic changing, nsa only mode or nsa + sa mode, possibly changing that will sort the problem out.

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                        • fk happy
                        • mt4
                        • 04 Oct 2022

                        fk happy, 07 Jun 2022Hello there! Guys I have the find X5 version, it's ... moreThe phone is great, I have android 13, color os 13, low temps, in 120 hz the battery will last about 20-28 hrs, for 460 euros it s very good.

                          Less than a month have the phone and happy so far. Only I'm wondering why in Canada doesn't work 5G network when in specifications has frequency 66 what belongs to my network what I'm using.
                          This model comes from Europe (international mode)
                          Probably has to work but unfortunately not.
                          Someone can answer on that please

                            karl14, 23 Aug 2022I'm looking for an upgrade for my phone for a long ter... moreGo to Gsmarena review of Oppo Find X5. There they compare it with Realme GT 2 Pro and S22+ (which is very similar to S21 Fe)

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                              • karlotta
                              • x@6
                              • 22 Sep 2022

                              I hate this phone. I got it about a month ago after 3 years with my faithful Huawei P30 Pro, and there isn't one feature that surpasses it. I'd have expected more from a phone that has better specs overall, but the wifi is wonky (I have to sit on top of the router to make video calls), the fingerprint is never sure it's really me, it doesn't recognize my face when I'm wearing glasses, the speaker sound is low-quality, and it's not even waterproof (something I asked for in the shop...) The worst surprise for me, as it was my main reason for getting a new phone, is the battery life. During its first year my Huawei could easily survive 24 hours of usage. The FindX needs to be recharged before the end of the first day. So yeah, it's nice you can do it in 10 minutes, but if you're on the road or on a mountain, no luck. I have begged T-Mobile to let me return it but they wouldn't.

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                                • karl14
                                • th7
                                • 23 Aug 2022

                                I'm looking for an upgrade for my phone for a long term use. In my country, there are the phones that have almost the same price.
                                -Oppo Find X5
                                -S21 FE (256 gb)
                                -Realme GT2 Pro
                                -Oneplus 10 pro

                                What would be the best among these choices? Thank you in advance!

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                                  • Pitchwisse
                                  • KDs
                                  • 23 Aug 2022

                                  This phone is pure awesome. The display is brilliant, color accurate and plenty sharp. It's not Sony good when it comes to Joled's deep blacks, but no other display is. The battery gives me over 6 hours sot on a daily basis, with a ton of 5g torture, music streaming, and about an hour of heavy gaming. Charges fully in 30 minutes - i feel it's undervolting and not charging at the full 80w (which is a good thing). The camera is great - the images are crisp with a great dynamic range and superb color accuracy. Bluetooth audio is fairly flat and well defined - it leaves a lot of quality room for eq manipulation on either your headphones or software. The phone overheated on me once, and that was outside at 45 degrees Celsius at a tropical island of Hainan. Other than that, never head thermal issues when gaming. Overall, a better deal than the x5 pro, given that it's slightly smaller; and definitely a better choice than the 12x due to a significantly better display and camera tech.

                                    MaHaLoO, 18 Aug 2022Oppo Find x5 or Mi 12X for the same price? I think the find x5 is better in many reasons... But if you like a small device 12x is good

                                      Oppo Find x5 or Mi 12X for the same price?

                                        I Hope Oppo Find X5 will have Deminsity 8100 for as Low as $289