Oppo is finally adding an app drawer to its launcher in ColorOS 6

Vlad, 07 February 2019

Oppo announced the next iteration of its Android skin, ColorOS 6, back in November of last year but we're yet to see it on any devices. Surely it shouldn't take much longer now.

And when it lands, it will bring a nice surprise to people used to other Android handsets. Yes, Oppo's default launcher in Color OS is finally getting an app drawer. This will be opt-in and not turned on when you first power up your device, but if you like the Chinese company's smartphones and don't necessarily enjoy having to use a third party launcher just to get an app drawer, there's hope in sight for you.

The information was shared on the official Realme forums, so it will apply to devices from that Oppo sub-brand as well. Additionally, the built-in web browser is going to be further optimized in the next ColorOS release, minimizing battery consumption compared to third-party alternatives (including Chrome).



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  • Zawmyo

I like

Oh. Playing victim is the best solution as expected. Well done. Literally knows nothing said the person assuming app drawer not needed. What do you know about android. Dont asnwer that.

Great job helping prove your point by resorting to passive-aggressively attacking me and assuming things about a person you know literally nothing about.

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