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this is my Girlfriends phone right now given by her sister last year for temporary use but as times go by she seems to like the phone because of the rotating camera that's is no hassle is taking videos and photos especially when changing from selfie to portrait.
good for games though not all but still shes having fun with the games she downloaded from play store.
and its also good for low profile vlog. heheehhheheh

Camera is nothing original. Samsung already did this in 2006 with the SGH-P910.

  • jayb

playstore dont work on n1 i guess this product is not good to purchase

  • Jack

jain, 07 Mar 2016Oppo mobile is the worst mobile in the world........ Plz no o... moreWhat was the problem

  • Anonymous

nice handset oppo n1

  • gaurav

oppo n1 nice mobile handset

  • Deepak

Chelle, 03 Mar 2016Oppo mirror or iphone 6splus.Apple is much better

  • Renault

I was so amaze by the Oppo N1 renovation about its rotating camera,gesture function and back cover controlling when surf the web which is really convenience. Bought in end 2013 really make lot of heads spin when use it on my solo tour in Spain for selfy. There is no problem at all till mid 2016 with my carelessness using tissue cleaning the camera Len causing multiple scratches on it, when taking photo tense to get out of focus and glare when picture take in bring light.Unfortunately it hard to get replacement spare Evan at service center. Many camera s not up to expectation with panorama shooting example an subject with straight line tense to see the output photo in "U" shade which my opinion to do with the camera lens play the trick. Though the N3 is latest but already old model. My hope is Oppo do not cease it rotating camera model as it can make many more new uses with it rotating camera.

  • benz

No problem with my oppo n1, just perfect for my taste.. awesome phone.

  • truefact

My comment is about the advert shown on TV about 2 popular movie stars. The background track is a poor selection for such a good phone. Its a drag kind of song which is irritating when heard continuously like in IPL ads.

  • IzzatRadzii

OPPO's Music Playeris really bad.
Please put an album picture on the music player and not the artist picture. Also, the picture will crashed sometimes. I love OPPO, so please fix the Music Player.

  • Anonymous

jain, 07 Mar 2016Oppo mobile is the worst mobile in the world........ Plz no o... moreY

  • Vardan



Wtf no update for oppo mirror 3......that's suck...

Do update available for mirror 3

  • nick

jain, 07 Mar 2016Oppo mobile is the worst mobile in the world........ Plz no o... moreThanks

  • Doodloverz

The first thing I wanna say is that this phone sucks . I mean no offence but srsly. When I first bought it I was so happy and excited to use it, but....... It quickly went away. First of, the gesture thingy was cool, but, the music and torchlight kept switching on by itself. I even deleted the gesture for the torchlight, but it doesn't work. Second, my YouTube videos kept pausing on it's own. I mean, I really want to just peacefully watch videos, but guess what, this phone keeps pausing my video. Sometimes even multiple times in a row. The phone is also super laggy. I have to keep boosting my phone for it to allow me watch YouTube videos full screen. This phone also keeps sending me to play store to download stuff. MIND You that this phone is almost new I just bought it like 1-2 months ago. So yeah..... I really really really hope there will be a new update soon to fix it....

  • jain

Oppo mobile is the worst mobile in the world........

Plz no one purchase this mobile.....

I also made foolish by company......

  • Chelle

louie, 10 Dec 2015no nokia 1100 is bestOppo mirror or iphone 6splus.

  • Chelle

I'm using Oppo N1 mini since june 2015 until now. And it's very amazing. No problem since when I bought it up until now. I really love my phone. But i dont have the o-click piece since my phone have that o-click option. And my case which is accompanied when I bought this oppo unit, is crack and I can't find another one to buy. That's the only problem I'm facing right now.

  • zohoor

i am in kabul n1 no 3g orck