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  • Owen

Anonymous, 25 May 2018how to solve oppo neo 7 keep on popping up "clear memory" same here, pls update me whenever you've got a solution

  • Anonymous

how to solve oppo neo 7 keep on popping up "clear memory"

  • Anonymous

fiza, 02 Dec 2016Not a good phone.... I hv been using this since 1 month... ... more Ita very hanging phone i used since 2 or 3 months but it started hanging and sometimes screem became black

  • Anonymous

how to move pic from one folder to another

  • Anonymous

Well i encounters a memory full in my message inbox. How do i make my setting make default storage to phone memory.

  • SiAo

Some apps on my folder can't install­čśö

  • Anonymous

Marchie, 09 Dec 2016Root itHey can it be transfered without rooting

  • Anonymous

My messenger cant connect to camera when video calling or taking pictures using messenger.how can i fix it.

  • cln

I am using oppo neo 3 for years now and I still don't figure out how to fix it. It doesn't read my memory card.

  • ani

Oppo video app not properly working Automatically stop song

  • rio

messaging app of oppo does not pop up if it recieve a message.? can someone help me

  • lou

Anonymous, 24 Jan 2017Hi sir..am using oppo neo7 but the problem is i lose my pic... morehaving the exact same problem, sny solutions?

  • Shekhar

I us oppo neo 7 one month my Phone lost my videos music and Photos after inslt 64 GB SD card

  • Bhoomi

Ashly, 02 Mar 2017Im using oppo neo7 for months only but suddenly my phone is... moreU may have on the quiet time mode

  • Josh

Hi... I am using oppo neo 7 for the past one month and I am getting issue in video and audio sync.
When I shoot a video, the video is normal and when I share that video in whatsapp,the audio is not properly sync was that video.
Can anyone pls guide me to solve this problem?

  • Ashly

Im using oppo neo7 for months only but suddenly my phone is not ringing everytime i recieve a txt how can i fix it.

  • shaha

Shunn, 01 Dec 2016Do you see the restart button? That's where you need to pr... moreHi. i have a problem. suddenly my phone cant read micro sd card. And when i tried to see on computer, it doesnt show up. how can i make my phone read it back micro sd card? i mean how to access it. help me please.

  • Mikaela

I've been using this Oppo Neo 7 for a year.I really love the camera and the whole specs.But now,Im having a problem to my newly installed apps.My phone hangs due to virus/threat.I tried to install anti-virus but unfortunately,it doesn't worked not even detection of virus/threat being found.Im looking for an alternative solution like uninstalling that apps,but it doesn't work.Then Im searching for the best way thru SAFE MODE to allow me such uninstallation.However this OPPO NEO 7,doesn't have a SAFE MODE option? Only Hard reset is the best way on this issue?.Please? can anyone help me on this problem?Thank you.

  • AnonD-640786

Hi, how to transfer the files from internal storage to memory card for Opp A37f?
Hope you can response my query. Thank you

  • Anonymous

TinTin, 07 Feb 2016Go to Setting, then "Storage". Choose "Preferred install lo... morein oppo 7 there is no option of default selection of memory