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  • Tam

My oppo neo3 logostock no shinning and i wont open .itry to hard reset but it didn't work what willi do?

  • Ali Reza

it's very bad phone twice dead, the last one is dead forever, no hardware problem boot loader failure!

  • Anonnymous

What a Slow Phone, Low Storage, and Bad RAM Speed

  • Ayra

ganda, 18 Jun 2016my phone is not working properly, when i open it, it will... moreThat is also the problem in my neo 3

  • Anonymous

It comes with very low user usable internal storage(about 1gb), i bought it around 17 June 2015 and its mother board crashed in December 2016 and now repair cost is Rs3000
so i don't recommend anyone to buy it

  • Jun

nickz, 23 Jan 2017why facebook new version makes my phone to restart. every t... moreSakin din, Same problem occured..

  • nickz

why facebook new version makes my phone to restart. every time I use facebook

  • Anonymous

I'm having trouble in downloading apps like fb and messenger. Can someone help me what to do.
"can't download apps" this is always the result every time I'm trying to install those apps.

  • Anonymous

The phone is slow because of its RAM. The Camera is actually not usable in 2017. The ROM is only 1GB which refers to the phone constantly sending you phone storage is full notification, which is one of the most biggest cons of Neo 3. It delivers a good music quality and screen quality. The processor is out dated even it was when it was released.
To me i would suggest buy it if you are looking for something in low budget and for small handled use.

  • Samin

It's not good. I cant install playstore. It doesn't event support 3G. plzz help me to activate 3G

  • AnonD-630454

I used it for 2 years. It has booting problem... bad phone

  • Anonymous

can i play clash of clans in my oppo neo3

  • Anonymous

kel, 15 Nov 2016Update firmwareHow to update firmware? Tnx

  • raka

mowriz_mowroh, 05 Dec 2016oppo neo 3 is a very nice brand,but then the internal memo... moreplease update your device to the newest version, it can be repartition after updated by open setting choose other and repartition it will reboot then and remember your apps will be erased

  • mowriz_mowroh

oppo neo 3 is a very nice brand,but then the internal memory is too low....then is there a system update for the same?

  • kel

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2016After 1 year and 3 months my oppo neo 3 got stuck in logo. ... moreUpdate firmware

  • tezsingh11

kurt pogi, 08 Oct 2016Hi. How to open a oppo neo 3 without the swicth because the... moreMine switch is beocken too. Im operating my phone with gasture ...

  • Anonymous

do not purchase oppo neo 3 because motherboard problem.

  • AnonD-596628

stu, 27 Aug 2016reinstall softwareinstall new firmware bro..

  • yellow

My oppo neo 3 settings does not work. How.can I fix it? Itsucks.