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  • Vickey

213user, 01 May 2018I updated my oppo neo 5s. Software update wirelessly. It on... moreThis is very good but lag was very hoaing


AnonD-716343, 17 Nov 2017i'm Oppo 1206 Neo 5S user since 2015. my Oppo cannot suppor... moreThe same problem to me

  • 213user

I updated my oppo neo 5s. Software update wirelessly. It only keeps on loading again and again. It won't budge open. What can i do?

  • AnonD-716343

i'm Oppo 1206 Neo 5S user since 2015. my Oppo cannot support band 5 (speed for 4G).

  • AnonD-546806

Has been used this phone since june 2016 till broke (late october 2017). So here is my experience.

1) After update software (color OS) from default to last update, camera are no longer sharp. Quality camera somehow blur and vid quality turned into sluggish. Canera UI also changed and turned ugly.

2) Very bad ram, 60% of the ram has been reserved and used for/by system. Which is mean, 2016+ apps games and newest/latest games will force quit it self, especially a games that is link with Google Play. Due this shit, my Neo 5s turnes into hang often.

3) What is more worst than that? Internal storage. 8GB total storage but below 4GB is useable.

4) Batteries life. After used for 4 month the batteries drained fast and charging sometimes fast sometimes took longer time to be fully charged (still batteries life is bad). Since batteries turned worst I have no option but to use power saving mode on all time.

My oppo neo 5s has been damaged as I accidentaly dropped it into box fulled of water. It still work after that (by keep turned of and dry them for a week) but screen is already damaged. Later the screen has been fully damaged as no longer show any images and keep blank. Now Ive been wondered does it ia worth to fix it or not..

P/S: please keep note that Oppo Neo 5 has 2 variant. Neo 5 (2015) is 16gb internal storage but dont have 4G while Neo 5s ia 8gb variant and has 4G. If you still mistook your neo 5 is neo 5s and keep complaint it doesnt have 4G then I have to say that Im so sad to you.

  • AnonD-684653

Said it could be a 4g network, but can not? How to enable 4g ​​network?

  • upendra verma

How's playing Jio 4G start. ..

  • suraj

But how to active LTE network

  • Libra13

This phone is good but let me clarify one important thing that its main OS is Color Os which is an android based OS,since it comes with google play so its really doesn't matter at all,over all good phone for new android users :)

  • nn

i want to ask if oppo neo 5s is international phone?

  • king

Can someone help me? My neo5 is almost 1yr and 5months, but now can't read my two sim.. how can I fix it?

  • Mic

Pinoy User, 11 Oct 2016bought mine last 08/10/2016.. got the 16gb Lolli Ver. I ... morei want 2 buy this phone give me correct report.

  • Anonymous

Fully satisfied lush phone

  • Pinoy User

bought mine last 08/10/2016.. got the 16gb Lolli Ver.

I am honestly impressed with the unit's display, given its only qHD, its bright enough and has above average viewing angles. having a low res display wont put too much toll on its battery as well.

The handset's BUILD is also one of the factors, its tough and dureable, the back plate is fingerprint-magnet but I had purchased a case for it so its not gonna be an issue.

The BATTERY has been splendid, batt reading will not drop on my 8-hr sleep unlike previous mobile devices I used. When on mobile data, I have observed a 1% drop only every 4mins.

AUDIO output via loudspeaker is bit of a letdown, a bit soft to my liking, but when used with a headphone, the HI-DIRAC option helps to increase audio quality. It has a kick of bass and treble and mids are both clean.

I have Vivo Y51, Acer Z630, Zenfone Go 5.5 and Oppo Neo 7 all on my list as they all have a 5990 Php SRP hence I got to save 1k Php more with my purchase of the Neo 5... no regrets, its very useable and the looks alone of the phone is indeed very elegant and stylish!

  • prasenjit

Verry good netwarking fwsility

  • Pat

RAM is very poor. Hence expect any latency if you are heavy user

overall the phone is quiet good

  • Oppo user

How to reset this phone....m kinda stuck do help me

  • GM

Very good phone in this price range. 4G Lte working very fine, good sound during call.
Over all best phone.

  • Carlisle

anonymous, 23 Jul 2016Can someone who haveuse this phone please give some opinion... moreGood battery life over wifi unlike other phone. Fully satisfied with neo 5s.

  • J2

lei, 29 Jul 2016can anyone tell me which is better (performance wise - inte... moreChoose j2