Oppo promises 4 OS updates, 5 years of security patches for select 2023 flagships

ColorOS 13 was introduced on August 18 and Oppo’s concentrated efforts to deliver it to existing phones made for the fastest rollout out of any ColorOS version yet. But this announcement comes with an even more exciting piece of news – Oppo will be extending the software support for select flagships starting in 2023.

The plan is to offer 4 OS updates and 5 years of security patches for specific premium models. This matches the commitment OnePlus made earlier this year. Samsung was the first to offer this update schedule, which it extended back to its 2021 flagships. Google is (embarrassingly) lagging behind with only 3 OS updates and 5 years of patches.

Going back to the current version of the OS, ColorOS 13 has been rolled out to 33 Oppo models internationally, more than any other previous version (50% more than ColorOS 12, for example). This has allowed it to reach three times more users than ColorOS 12 did during the first four months after unveiling (October 11-February 11 for v12, August 18 to December 18 for v13).

This makes v13 the biggest and fastest update rollout in ColorOS history. Congratulations to Oppo and kudos for the extended software support – hopefully, that will put pressure on other makers to go beyond the unfortunately common 1-2 OS update promises.

If you haven’t experienced ColorOS for yourself yet, you can learn more about it from our review.

Reader comments

  • Aladin

For so long time we've been hearing about the colour OS 13 yet not seeing it.OPPO is not trying at all. We in African region is not hearing nor seeing any plans concerning the OS 13,when to receive it, it's very discouraging for one to use ...

They do sometimes

  • Brett C

After purchasing an Oppo Reno 5G a few years ago I would never buy another Oppo phone again. The lack of updates overall in comparison to other manufacturers like Samsung is utterly abysmal. The very least Oppo could do is offer away to unlock the...