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  • Happy

Value for money Great.
More importantly. Customer service the best. Patient , understanding and above all helpful.

  • AnonD-709182

Oppo R11 vs Samsung galaxy A7 2017 which one is better?

  • AnonD-666414

Snapdragon 660 benchmark results same to snapdragon 820 .. what the f..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Dec 2017What phone did you have before the R11?I had a Samsung Galaxy 5.. Also not too great. My pint is QC needs to be upheld. Manufacturers should not be selling anything that requires continuous updates and bug fixes .. You cant sell what is kind of ready or almost ready. And leave consumers to deal with that. When something is sold it should work properly and not need updates and fixes all the time like so much tech stuff does. Things should be good to go for. Number of years before your space filling patches need to be installed. .. Honestly it's just a rush to push things out for money. It's all about greed.

  • Annoyed

Terrible phone. A waste of 600 dollars.
My screen is incorporated. Often when youbprwss a you get. Full stop. Just like what just happened.
I'm tired of editing every single text i write.
The camera is rubbish also. It does not render pictures properly. Leaving hard edges when you zoo. In on what you have taken.
The audio system invites distortion. At even mild volumes.
Sorry for all the full stops and errors. I'm truly tired of correcting absolutely everything I write.
Actually I'm tired of companies releasing there technocrap before its properly tested and ready for sale. Stop being so greedy and get your products right. ..im actually going to study commercial law so I can try to bring down bad business and shiny products. I'm over being taken advantage of by big tech companies.. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • AnonD-722613

AnonD-719128, 29 Nov 2017I wanted an android phone. I did NOT want an iphone. So I g... moreits a girls phone. as girls have different thing focus in life, most of them don't care and don't want and don't know how to and don't get the point of changing the SMS app.
They just want a phone, with a working good camera, stock launcher with everything listed in one place, that's all.
Amount all the android phones and systems, my gf love the oppo's system the most, same time i hate it the most.

  • Anonymous

Annoying frustrating time wasting over valued piece of techno crud. Juatcanother piece of half witted technologycthat should not have left the manufactures shed.
Shitty camera terrible spell correct and also has a screen that is not calibrated properly.
Typing a often results in a full stop being put in its place.
You have to consistently re write your messages due to bad calibration.. I how been embarrassed by this phone on numerous occasions.
If you want to buy something half decent spend the extra few dollars and buyva Samsung.
I m disappointed in this phone and feel I have wasted 600 good dollars on rubbish

  • Nana Kwame

Pls where can i get some to purchase,is urgent

  • Anonymous

AnonD-719128, 29 Nov 2017I wanted an android phone. I did NOT want an iphone. So I g... moreWhat phone did you have before the R11?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Oct 2017i have a Mi flagship & it is rubbish. Till now there... moreYep. The MIUI has bugs. For example, the 2nd space feature: i can't move any files to the 2nd space after i enable it. This bug made the 2nd space practically useless to me. I have a Mi5plus.

  • AnonD-719128

I wanted an android phone. I did NOT want an iphone. So I get sold the Oppo R11. The OS is shocking. The worst that I have ever used. There is basically no configuration options, no ability to install a different message app, or configure the phone app, or to configure the contact settings etc. It's locked down so much that it's pretty much useless. Sure the photos are OK, but I didn't buy a camera. I've had it 4 weeks and I'm close to throwing it in the bin. If you want an android phone DON'T buy this one. If you want an iphone, go buy an iphone.

  • Rossu

When it will be in the philippines

  • kayee


  • Anonymous

When will it be available in Bangladesh? Still waiting very eagerly to get one....

  • Oppo R11 user

How can Oppo make decision without listening to users. I want the app notification at notification bar!!! I have missed so many messages because of this. Very unfriendly!!!

  • RadarX

The phone is oky.. the only thing i hate about this phone, is its OS skin and battey life, ended up buying zenphone 4..

  • YubYub

Camera is ok, a bit slow to focus, but has an effective 2x zoom that works well during the day. Night photo's are usually grainy.

The body of the device feels nice and the finger print scanner is super fast.

The lack of an NFC chip is a huge fail.

color OS locks you into one messaging program, and has a crap apple like systems screen. Stock android would have been way better.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Oct 2017Mi is not rubbish. Please use or try smartphone from Mi bef... morei have a Mi flagship & it is rubbish.

Till now there still have many bugs in their MIUI.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Sep 2017mi = rubbishMi is not rubbish. Please use or try smartphone from Mi before bashing them.

  • Anonymous

k11, 30 Sep 2017biggest settings to drain battery life quickly are : auto s... moreIt is mostly the OS itself that drain battery fast.
Wait for updates from OPPO to solve the issue.