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Nagarajan, 06 Jan 2019No bro I can't update latest version (oppo r11s plus) any o... moreSystem update Android device screen fingerprint, update Android 10,can?

guni45, 09 Aug 2018Micro-USB???? On a $600 phone??what difference deos it do to you? it got 4 Amp.h charging.. so I don't see any problem with the regular micro-usb..

Guys if you need updates for your version, head to Oppo's website and hit a country in which your phone was offered. For the regular one go to Singapour or Australia, for the "Plus t" go the the China page. (translate it)
And download the updates from there!
I have a "t" version and I just installed the latest (2 weeks old) update - 2nd update on android 8.1

  • Nagarajan

adoud, 28 Nov 2018R11s plus received official Oreo 8.1 update this month it's... moreNo bro I can't update latest version (oppo r11s plus) any other options is there

  • adoud

R11s plus received official Oreo 8.1 update this month it's a great update and you should try it

  • guni45

Micro-USB???? On a $600 phone??

  • Shane

Hasimir, 10 Jun 2018J.B. Hi-Fi has them: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/phones/Ou... moreSomeone please tell me if I should get this.

  • Hasimir

AnonD-619295, 08 Apr 2018Anyone know where to buy the international Singapore/Austra... moreJ.B. Hi-Fi has them:


In fact, I'm about to wander over and replace my pathetic HTC One with one of these.

  • AnonD-619295

Anyone know where to buy the international Singapore/Australian model? This one supports more languages and bands. I can only find the Chinese one.


  • AnonD-750442

Great phone amazing sound watching videos on the oppo R11s plus is amazing best quality speaker sound I've ever heard on a mobile device 📱

  • Fricky

Anonymous, 07 Nov 2017No stereo speakers,what a waste!The sound is amazing best speaker ever movies sounds amazing just an enjoyable experience to use

  • AnonD-59657

Huawei is a better choice who is 5G leader. They are more respected than Oppo and Vivo.

  • AnonD-59657

Both Oppo and Vivo have no Android Update. They only can sell their phones in China and third world countries where IP is not controlled. They like to copy iPhone but with inferior UI.

  • Bradbravo

AnonD-718959, 28 Nov 2017When is the release of R11s Plus here in malaysia?When R13+ is launch in china

  • AnonD-59657

Vivo, OnePlus and Oppo are under the same parent company.
OnePlus is truly international brand with high spec and frequent OS updates.
Vivo and Oppo are iPhone clone and they are sold mainly in China or Asia countries with almost zero update of new OS.

  • AnonD-734332

Oppo 101, 28 Jan 2018is OPPO and VIVO one company? because I was trying to compa... moreyes, they're from same company

  • Oppo 101

is OPPO and VIVO one company? because I was trying to compare some specs and they have the same exact features! O.O

  • Upset User

The hardware appears to be o k but the software is bad, e.g. it is difficult to use launchers like Nova or Apex; Equally difficult is to set Swiftkey as main keyboard. There is no restart option! I have to delete many apps installed A totally disappointing phone,

  • Anonymous

AnonD-275249, 10 Dec 2017Poor Oppo users. Will never get updates. And always mis... morePoor Speedforce. Will always be in the dark and pathetic and suffer hot Samsung phones.

  • z

r11s & the plus is using snapdragon 660 but listed here with bluetooth 4.2 only. is this true gsmarena??