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  • Pctech

In one of my trips to China I purchase the 6gb version of the R17 at a very good price as my old phone (note 3) was too slow after an update (Thanks to T-mobile) And I give to this phone a 9.5, the only thing that is mess up on the phone are some of the Chinese pre loaded software but besides that..oh my..ridiculous camera, nigh camera was beyond my comprehension...Better than my current phone a Note 9. Sadly I sold the OPPO to get the Note 9...Big mistake...wish I could get one as cheap as I got the OPPO when I was in China. !00% Recomended.

  • Cecep

No sensor gyroscope, too bad...

  • Nickel

Surprisingly there is not a single proper review for this phone...Not sure why as this is different to the R17 pro...

  • Peter

photos and videos of this phone are they good or not ??

  • unoppo

Denver, 26 Jul 2019Worse phone no fm radio no card slot no android 9 pie also ... moreActually it does have USB-C
Indeed mine is still running Android 8.1.0 but fast security patches

  • unoppo

I have this phone and it does have USB-C

  • 3smn_

Joke Zhang, 15 May 2019Type-C or micro?It depends on the country/region.

  • Denver

Worse phone no fm radio no card slot no android 9 pie also no type c? Wtf oppo you think people will buy this shit one?

Suzan, 20 Jan 2019In my opinion,nokia 8.1 is a better option than this,,more ... moreI agreed

Type-C or micro?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Apr 2019Please told me what is body and head sar value oppo r17For body 0.581 & for head 1.33

  • Anonymous

Please told me what is body and head sar value oppo r17

  • Man-u

Having problem most of the time no network or the phone cannot make calls.
Even worse when playing a game internet connection gets disconnected.
very upset

  • Akhil

Akhil, 13 Mar 2019Experience for me has been quite good so far buying the pho... moreI meant to type *Good and not big when discussing the camera

  • Akhil

Experience for me has been quite good so far buying the phone around 3 weeks ago. The UI can be a hit or miss depending on the person using it, one of the drawbacks for me was that it didn't have an app drawer for which I just simply used Nova Launcher. A few of the drawbacks I found with the phone was that even though the camera took big pictures, it couldn't record in 60fps and it could have a better CPU considering the price. My favourite things about the Phone are definitely the design as I'm quite fond of the teardrop notch and the back of the phone, the display as it has a high screen to body ratio along with an AMOLED screen which makes the colours appear pretty vibrant but not too vibrant, and most definitely the VOOC charging which can charge it in 40 minutes for me. (One thing to note is some regions may not have the on display fingerprint scanner). If you are in a region where the OnePlus 6 is supported I would consider that as an alternative, but if you are looking for a good mid range phone and OnePlus 6 isn't supported in your region (it wasn't supported in Australia hence I went for the Oppo R17), I'd recommend the Oppo R17 if you are willing to put up with the few drawbacks.

  • G-munny

I purchased this phone about 6 weeks ago and dropped it in water (by accident of course) but fetched it out quickly. It quickly started to die off and a week later, no phone. I know it's my own fault but users beware - if you're looking for a phone that is very accident-proof, check the IP rating which lets you know how waterproof a phone is. This phone is not - at all.

Also the camera sucks

  • Jean

Is there any indication light on miss call

  • mobile user

can we use jio sim with other 4g network at a tym

  • Anonymous

Henry, 05 Jan 2019How much is battery life in this phone ? ( Screen On time ,... moreBattery Life is fare enough. It gives full day support with multi tasking on whole day.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jan 2019You want super vooc or type C port? Don't act childish. Cha... moreThe VOOC Charge speed is unbeatable. It charged the phone from zero to 40% is just 10 minutes. Its a C type charging.