Oppo R17 goes on sale as the Find X hits Europe

Ro, 07 September 2018

Oppo announced the Oppo R17 and R17 Pro last month with plenty of features to look forward to but while we are still waiting on the Pro version to arrive, the standard R17 is now available in China.

Oppo R17 Oppo R17
Oppo R17

Prices are as expected - the standard 6GB/128GB memory variant goes for CNY 3,199 ($468) while the 8GB/128GB model sells for CNY 3,499 ($512). There's also a gradient fog alteration of the latter with a cooler paint job that will set you back CNY 3,599 ($527). The Pro version is still expected to ship sometime in mid-October.

Meanwhile, Oppo also had a little something for the Europeans. The Oppo Find X has officially arrived in France and can be bought through Orange or Fnac Darty's outlet stores. And everyone who buys the phone between September 7 and October 4 will get for free Oppo's O-Free Wireless earphones.

The price is a little steep, compared to Asian markets, but it's exactly what Oppo said the Find X will cost at its Paris launch event. It's 1,000 for the phone alone, or 499 with a 24-month contract. A Dutch retailer has the phone as well at the same price of 1,000 so we can assume this means official Europe release. We won't be surprised if more European retailers are currently offering the handset.

Source 1 (in French) | Source 2 (in Chinese) | Source 3 (in Dutch)


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

a bit steep? 1000€ is way too much for a gadget. reminder, there is bezel and notchless phones with 128/8GB out there for 500€...if a motorized camera makes a phone 500€ more expensive, I dunno---

  • Dude

Just 1000 ;)

  • Dude

A 1000 thousand Euro. Are they having a laugh? Dead in the water

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