Oppo R17 Neo launches in Japan: its first phone with in-display fingerprint reader

Peter, 30 October 2018

Japan often gets cool tech gadgets first, but not this time – it just got its first phone with an in-display fingerprint reader and it’s late to that particular party. The phone itself is quite interesting – the Oppo R17 Neo.

It's a version of the Oppo K1 and R15X, which are partially based on the Oppo R17. That means a 6.4” AMOLED display with a teardrop notch and 1080p+ resolution, which houses the fingerprint reader in question. The back is painted in two new gradient colors.

The computational power of the phone took a bit of a hit. The Oppo R17 Neo has a Snapdragon 660 chipset (down from S670) with 4GB of RAM (down from 6-8GB). The storage remains at 128GB and the microSD card slot is still here.

The camera changed too – the main module on the back still has a 16MP sensor, but the depth sensor is now at 2MP (down from 5MP). Not a huge loss, but note the different design. The selfie camera remains a 25MP shooter.

Oppo R17 Neo (left) and Oppo R17 (right)

This could be a mistake but the Neo is much lighter than the vanilla R17 – 156g vs. 182g. That’s even though it has a slightly larger battery, 3,600mAh. It could be a mistake on the seller’s page, otherwise it would mean that Oppo changed the phone’s construction (which seems unlikely).

The Oppo R17 Neo is available on contract for JPY 3,218 a month or JPY 38,988 total ($345/€305). That’s quite a discount on the vanilla R17.

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Reader comments

  • Tech-nerd
  • 31 Oct 2018
  • 7tW

Its Oppo's first phone with an in display FS.

  • Anon
  • 30 Oct 2018
  • w6S

First phone with in-display fingerprint reader? This doesn't seem right. Doesn't the mate 20 pro already have in-display fingerprint reader announced in early October? Sneaky sneaky.

  • Jetsuu
  • 30 Oct 2018
  • 2Au

Waduheck???? srsly broooo????

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