Oppo R1 R829T

Oppo R1 R829T

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  • ash
  • S0u
  • 09 Jun 2017

i bought oppo R829T after 3 day it start heated at the back AND it swich off it self.

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    • beyya
    • Rx9
    • 20 Oct 2016

    I got problem with my oppo mobile, it's happen when i tried to charge my phone, then the phone unable to switch on .. i've try many ways as recommended in website but, still nothings happen .. what should i do then, i feel really disappointed because, this Oppo mobile is still new ..

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      • Anonymous
      • vV5
      • 14 Aug 2016

      Can this phone upgrade Android version

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        • ELLENAJ
        • t7E
        • 15 Jul 2016

        GIFT, 10 Mar 2016My phone just wrote oppo on screan when i shutdown its goin... moreMine tooo.. I dont know what to do..please help

          • r
          • rebellious
          • tV0
          • 30 Jun 2016

          oppo r1 have in oppo shop now.i want to bay this phone.

            • Z
            • Zee
            • 2Au
            • 27 Apr 2016

            pet, 15 Sep 2014design/battery/speed/camera are good. I have only one probl... moreIt does. This usually happens too when I use Smart network for my Sun prepaid service. Wcheck mobile networks > carrier

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              • Anonymous
              • 2S@
              • 20 Mar 2016

              KS, 05 Mar 2015Oppo r1 can make video call or not?Awaiting reply on video call on opportunity yo yo with 3G

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                • GIFT
                • fmR
                • 10 Mar 2016

                My phone just wrote oppo on screan when i shutdown its going off and when turn on oppo on screan help

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                  • Anonymous
                  • HjB
                  • 26 Jan 2016

                  y my oppo R1 the programing are abnormal ? i send it to oppo service centre format phone a few times but the problem didnt solve n getting worst . this phone almost 1 year only .... why like that ? it can call anyone and open apps without notice . anyone call tell me the answer n what should i do ? thx

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                    • Anonymous
                    • Nt9
                    • 11 Dec 2015

                    Loving this phone so much! The camera was great! No regret on buying it 😘

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                      • Anonymous
                      • IVE
                      • 13 Nov 2015

                      hi... i am using the oppo R1 for about 2 years and everything goes well n excellent.. just my storage its quiet small, its only 8gb. so, my comment for this phone is its great but maybe bcause of made in china, its quite unsuitable for the updates of playstore and its not support the playstore application mostly i guess. but i am really amazed by the durability of this phone unlike the most popular phone like iphone n samsung. i had an accident in a motocycle for about 4 months ago and the screen cracked seriously but it just continue functioning like always.. nothing problem. i had other accident like 2 or 3 times after that buat the phone just act like awesome. and lately, the phone shows that it cant take it any longer to hold the damage and started the problems... anyway i love this phone! i am looking toward oppo r7 lite.. cant wait to have that in my hand!!!

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                        • Anonymous
                        • IVE
                        • 13 Nov 2015

                        Neo, 24 Jun 2015Oppo r1. Really bad!!😭😭😭😭 i have been used for 2 months. Fa... morei bet that u have a really big prob due to the bugs or maybe its fallen many times.... hmmm....

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                          • Anonymous
                          • YaY
                          • 07 Nov 2015

                          Anonymous, 04 Mar 2015Hye all. Why my oppo r1 could not make any sound? Even I'm ... moreYou can just restart and it will be okay. I've experienced it once.

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                            • Sanjay
                            • 5MI
                            • 01 Oct 2015

                            I am using Oppo R1 for more than an year. It was good experience with this phone.
                            Now I am facing one issue. When I am configuring my office email-id , its asking for 6 digit password but once screen get lock I am getting only 4 digit space to put the password. I think this is the bug in this phone so can someone please help me with it.

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                              • nammu
                              • g8K
                              • 29 Sep 2015

                              hi guys purchased oppo r1 I have a problem everything come in Chinese i want to change it to English can anyone help me to change the language.

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                                • alcris29
                                • t7{
                                • 23 Sep 2015

                                great phone! ive been using my R1 for almost a year now and no problem at all..
                                camera is reliable and great! smooth and durable body, display is very cool...

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                                  • RoyalE HeaveN
                                  • 7XN
                                  • 06 Sep 2015

                                  Sleem N flat
                                  It increases my Rollaz......

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                                    • dichy brahmantyo
                                    • tht
                                    • 05 Sep 2015

                                    It`s amazing smartphone, really good camera, front n back.
                                    I like it

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                                      • tanu
                                      • vGt
                                      • 23 Aug 2015

                                      i am using this phone almost from a Year its really awesome no any problems

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                                        • Neo
                                        • IV5
                                        • 24 Jun 2015

                                        Oppo r1. Really bad!!😭😭😭😭 i have been used for 2 months. Facing some of problem... 1.The phone hang... 2.Turn off itself... 3.batery life very poor... 4.Charging took long time to full