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  • John

I have this phone for 2 years and I can say that this phone has everything a business techie want. The design is sleek and perfect for business phone conversations. Camera is superb, it has dual protection both front and back and reliable 4G connection.

My only concern on this phone is that the android version is low and hope Oppo can replicate this phone again but with higher android version.

  • AnonD-718676

I've been using this device for almost 2 years, i think the device is good enough, I just have 3 problem
2.Low capasity Battery
3.Just 2G/3G connection

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2016i cant find the fm radio :'(same prob here

  • Lester

Why is there no radio on my phone?

  • Ann

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2016Im a user of R1x i dont have any major problem with it... I... moreI've been using for almost 2 years. It's a good phone but now it kept over heating until it hits 51°c when I played my game. Wonder why is that..sad..😭

  • lady

PLEASE update it now. it's been two years!

  • ej

nick, 22 Mar 2017Restart by itself, worst phone eversame here I hate it

  • nick

Restart by itself, worst phone ever

  • Anonymous

i cant find the fm radio :'(

  • Anonymous

Athan C., 07 May 2016Nice phone, its been a year. Lately, it wasnt able to turn ... moreTry to hold power and volium up and down u will c fastboot

  • Anonymous

Im a user of R1x i dont have any major problem with it... It charges fast drain slow( not like others when you stanby still draining fast) nice camera and so on but there's one thing i want... Pls lollipop upgrade... 😁 as of now it is stuck on kitkat 4.4.4...
Ive been using this phone for 1yr and 2months already 😊

  • shing

Update to lollipop pls...

  • Athan C.

Nice phone, its been a year. Lately, it wasnt able to turn on and have to reset it and turn it on by pressing power and volume down. But not it wont start. Please, any suggestion?

  • Rizcky

Its nice phone, great design, what will update to android 5.0 lollipop...?

  • AnonD-511074

Could it upgradable to lollipop?

  • Deadpool

There's only one speaker. Right grill is the speaker while the left is the mic.
Please for the beauty of the phone, know your device before complaining.

  • Ting

Shy, 18 Sep 2015I experienced the same! The sound quality of my left speake... moreOff left speaker. Don't know why

  • jeff

blah, 19 Aug 2015Why my R1x early encountered Quality defect in the speaker.... moreThe other one is for mic it's not deffective

  • Anonymous

it's amazing

  • Xavier

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2015No. It is quad core only. There are double quad core proces... moreIts says TrueEightCore in the specs!