Oppo R2001 Yoyo

Oppo R2001 Yoyo

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  • No old oppo

shubham, 17 Jan 2018never ever buy this phone..... im using it as NOKIA 1600This phone is such a dumb phone

  • shubham

never ever buy this phone..... im using it as NOKIA 1600

  • User

Disappointing battery and storage

  • AnonD-693028

Yes, that's true. This model uses only a generic memory!!!

  • marialeah

my phone says unfortunately swype for oppo stopped.
i did reset my phone several times but it does not change anything.
please help what should i do?

  • ruby

Why I can't install app? The micro sd is not included in installing app. How to do? I cannot move app in micro sd.

  • thushar

alvin, 25 Jan 2017Many problems with this phone: Insufficcient storage event... morepartition your phone from settings.. space problem will not occur anymore.

  • tejesh

when i open facebook app in my mobile then mobie is restart. i dont no what is the problem

  • alvin

Many problems with this phone:
Insufficcient storage eventhough you got a lot of space
Bad device
You will have to format your phone always and it is very bad

  • SK

Configurations are not worth enough at the price its been sold.

  • harry

fabulous..as a low budget
i m using from last 2 years..

  • AnonD-439114

I'm using it as Nokia-1100.

  • GC

Settings stopped working

  • orem

insufficient storage problem is main issue of this is mobile.

  • pinoy

Renra, 20 Aug 2016nice camera but not front camera. always face with "insuff... moreI solved intuffecient space memory by cleaning the phone cache


then go to settings > storage > then preffered location installation select phone then ok

  • 214-G

sachin, 25 Aug 2016 also using Oppo R2001. Now when I open the phone, it is al... moreRom problem and need a replacing

  • Anonymous

What about 4g

  • Ryan

Anonymous, 23 Aug 2016It is not work properly , always say insufficient space.eve... moreIt doesn't have enough internal memory even if it have...it doesn't even work properly

  • balu

insufficient space problem

  • jaydip pambhar

insupician space problame...