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  • Anonymous
  • ajZ
  • 19 Aug 2023

CamoGeko-XDA, 18 Aug 2023Not sure why they used such an old processor. Should have b... moreYeap and not old CPU but its just an midrange one, i said that becouse Oppo reno8 pro have dimensity 8100 who its much powerful than Snapdragon 778g

    Not sure why they used such an old processor. Should have been Snapdragon 7 Gen 2. Otherwise the phone looks good!

      I bought this phone only for 32k...flat discount during Ind day!

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        • Vikas kalsi
        • KgQ
        • 08 Aug 2023

        I love oppo phones. Also used reno 2f. But oppo reno 10 pro is overpriced due to 778g processor think about iqoo neo 7 pro with 8 gen 1 processor 33000/-. I purchased iqoo neo 7 pro. Ultimate smart phone

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          • Rubish processor
          • rAV
          • 06 Aug 2023

          39000 for 778 u must be joking man they should use snapdragon 7 gen2 or dimensity 8200

            Am I reading it correctly?

            The spec sheet indicates 47mm for the "telephoto" camera module (probably its FF equivalent), however, in technical terms, a 47mm focal length is not even considered "telephoto."

            A proper telephoto lens should be 85mm to 135mm or beyond.

            "Telephoto lenses are sometimes broken into the further sub-types of short telephoto (85–135 mm in 35 mm film format), medium telephoto: (135–300 mm in 35 mm film format) and super telephoto (over 300 mm in 35 mm film format)."

            Anyway, GSMArena states that "We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct." Let's assume it's just a wrong choice of a technical term in the same manner that GSMArena associates the term "optical zoom" with fixed lenses.

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              • Abc
              • PIK
              • 04 Aug 2023

              Trash, 13 Jul 2023I suggest oppo reno 10 pro plus will be Qualcomm 8 gen2, fo... moreReno is not flagship range so putting 8gen 1 or 2 is way off according to the price range. But 778 is just bad at least 7 gen 2 or dimensity

                Empire, 25 Jul 2023Nice but i lost mine at lekki last yearSad.

                  Horrible. If they had replaced the useless curved screen with flat screen, it could've been possible to put in a decent stereo speaker setup and a Dimensity 8200-Max processor (or a Dimensity 8050)
                  And the name is misleading too.

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                    • mark.111
                    • tW7
                    • 04 Aug 2023

                    lol sd778G in 2023 way too old😅😢 again overprice due to 12gb ram and 1b color superamoled

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                      • Anonymous
                      • vaS
                      • 03 Aug 2023

                      Terrible value for about 720USD in some markets. Even the China version with a more powerful chipset isn't worth that price

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                        • Anonymous
                        • L2s
                        • 31 Jul 2023

                        oofio2461, 10 Jul 2023I wonder how many phones BBK releases each yearSeveral 100. I think Realme alone is gonna exceed 100 by the end of the year.

                          Came across the phone in the mall last night, might be my next device soon

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                            • Tech pro
                            • 6p}
                            • 28 Jul 2023

                            SJ, 28 Jul 2023Hahaha where is the logic, Samsung a52 came with the same p... moreBro A52 had 720g but this one has 778g which is twice powerful than 720g....But yes i agree with u that this phone is overpriced...350$ would be the justified price for this one

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                              • SJ
                              • nC2
                              • 28 Jul 2023

                              Hahaha where is the logic, Samsung a52 came with the same processor i paid $299 for this $599?? Overprice nothing is pretty cool in this price segment coz that is 778g+ and ufs 3.1 wireless charging this phone is for papaki pari 😂

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                                • MAZIDALDUAHKGF
                                • CbI
                                • 27 Jul 2023

                                my best brand is oppo ever
                                i love & die for oppo
                                oppo reno 10 pro is awesome luxury look with best chipsets & camera, ram with 12gb +12gb virtual ram so tatally =24gb ram, rom-256gb, camera quality is excellent view to capture, battery lasting a whole day with heavy usage, battery recharging with 80 vooc charger
                                my best ever oppo reno 10 pro i love you oppo my rating 10/10 stars

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                                  • Empire
                                  • xjH
                                  • 25 Jul 2023

                                  Nice but i lost mine at lekki last year

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • xWs
                                    • 25 Jul 2023

                                    This phone is cool I also have a curved phone like it the moto edge plus 2020 is curved like this one but more edge functional

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                                      • YourMom69420
                                      • c}3
                                      • 25 Jul 2023

                                      PatrickCzech, 15 Jul 2023Here is the Czech Republic Reno 10Pro costs 723$ like reall... moreMeanwhile: Asus Zenfone 10

                                        mutantspy, 16 Jul 2023I don't know why they are going with curved screen.. O... moreSimple, curved screen looks and feels more premium and sits in the hand way easier, seperates from all the same looking flat screen phones with the super sharp edges (i like both so really doesnt bother me).

                                        Also s7 edge wasnt the 1st with a curved screen, such brain dead comments with "yeah but its copying this phone/its just a rip off of that phone" news flash, every phone is a similar design to some phone created before it, its like this in every industry from cars to films to music to art, get over it.